Parker Livecast #20: Cruisin’ with Josh and John


On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, John Wright and Josh Savino hit the river road, taking a tour of the Parker Strip before the heat of summer, conversing all the way about the sights and sounds of the Parker area. This drive takes them north on the Arizona side, over Parker Dam, south with the river on the California side and across the new road bridge from Earp to the town of Parker.

Along the way, the Livecast hosts give a ride to a very un-sober woman who wants to ‘party’ (name censored and voice altered), talk about why this river is home, the variety of Parker residents, our state parks, the optimism of Parker Dam, the Met community of yesteryear, desert burros, Cali side properties, the new road bridge and upcoming events.

(Listener discretion: some adult themes at times.)

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  1. Susan Nez

    and where are your seat belts? be safe guys

  2. GREAT………..listening to you two!

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