County schedules cleanup days


The La Paz County Board of Supervisors has announced its 2015 ‘cleanup days’, during which the County partners with Republic Services to offer convenient bulk disposal that discourages dumping in the desert.

Attendants at four locations will help direct residents to drop their bulk items in bins provided, including those items too large for normal household trash collection. There are some exceptions, such as tires, liquid waste and hazardous waste.

“This environmentally conscious service is provided free of charge to County residents and is one of the many benefits of the La Paz County Landfill partnership with Republic,” says a press release provided to Parker Live by Supervisor King Clapperton.

“In addition to cleanup days and unlike any other County in Arizona, the partnership has many benefits including host fees for the general fund and year-roun, free disposal and recycling for residents at eight transfer sites. At any time during its normal operating hours, residents may also dispose of trash and recycle certain commodities at the County Landfill located on Highway 95 four miles south of Highway 72.”

March 6 – 7  Salome / Wenden – Sheriff Substation on Salome Rd

March 20 – 21  Ehrenberg – Next to Fire Station

April 3 – 4  Parker/Up River – Cienega Springs Launch Ramp

April 17-18  Bouse – Community Center in Bouse


  1. David Algarete Aponte

    Suzy Ivette Aponte time to toss shiznit lol

  2. So what days is this and where?

  3. Fabian Castro

    It says parker/ up river.
    Is it both (two bins) or nah?

  4. Randy Myrtue Frear

    If I post my neighbors address will you go clean his shithole of a yard up , looks like a junkyard !

  5. Parker Live Updates

    I think just that one location for Parker and Upriver

  6. Fabian Castro

    Thsnk you for the response. Just wanted to make sure.

  7. We like to hike out in Big River and it is a shame to see the random trash piles that are out there. Everything from tires to boats to large appliances to clothes. We should have more respect. I love the desert. I hope cleanup days discourage the dumping.

  8. When is the next county clean up

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