Contestants for Miss La Paz and Outstanding Teen 2015


Six young women will be vying for the title of Miss La Paz County at the County Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 14th at 8pm. In addition, three will compete in the Outstanding Teen event the night before, Friday, March 13th at 8pm on the same stage. Get to know the contestants here before the big events!


Jessica Aaker (17)
Junior at Parker High School
Platform: Bullying
Talent: Singing

Fenix Greenwood (21)
Teacher’s Aide at Blake Primary School
Platform: Ready, Set, Read!
Talent: Bellydancing

Courtney Rogers (24)
Teacher’s Aide at Blake Primary School
Platform: Creating Confidence
Talent: Cake decorating

Hailey Ferris (17)
Senior at Parker High School
Platform: Living with Adolescent Depression
Talent: Dance

Bree Bohlen (17)
Senior at Salome High School
Platform: Eating Disorder Awareness
Talent: Gymnastics

Sarah Lujan (18)
Freshman at Northern Arizona University
Platform: Breast Cancer Awareness
Talent: Vocal performance


Billie McCall (12)
Seventh Grade at Thunderbolt Middle School
Platform: Dare to Dream
Talent: Dance

Maycee Britton (16)
Junior at Parker High School
Platform: Seatbelt Safety
Talent: Singing

Victoria Ferris (17)
Junior at Parker High School
Platform: 4H – Power of the Clover
Talent: Singing


  1. Araceli Larraga

    The young lady thats 14 looks way older but she sure is a beautiful girl!

  2. Aryn Godby Romo

    That’s a typo. She’s actually 12 and yes a beautiful girl. 🙂

  3. Whoever photoshopped these pictures needs to get a clue. The fake reflection in the eyes on every picture looks horrible. I’m voting for Hailey.

  4. All these girls are amazing!! I wish them the best!!! Bree however has my vote!! Represent Salome as a town in La Paz County!!!!! You got this!!!!

  5. “Realitycheck”, the reflections are all real and come from a photographic lighting technique used very commonly in commercial portrait and magazine-style photography. As for the photos, the girls love them.

  6. I just looked at 50 magazine covers and not one of them looked like this. I apologize if I am offending someone but it really does look absurd and detracts from the beauty of these young ladies.

  7. What is Reality Check talking about? These photos are gorgeous! Wish I had some that made me look this good! Good luck to all the contestants

  8. Fenix Greenwood

    I love, not only my photo but working with Melissa. She made us feel super comfortable! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jane Kendall

    dose anyone have a schedule for the fair, showing open/close times and event times?

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