Highway 95 open again after accident


9:30am- Highway 95 is closed at this time due to an accident near milepost 146 north of the town of Parker. More information to come.

9:41am- Unconfirmed reports that the accident involved an ATV and one fatality.

10:27am- The location is between Osborne Wash and Resort Drive north of Parker, AZ. Traffic is being detoured via the BlueWater Resort and along the river before emerging back onto the highway.

12:28pm- Highway is now open one lane each direction.

Final update- The accident was caused when a person attempted to cross the highway in an ATV and was struck by two vehicles. The person died at the scene, which was near the CRIT Landfill.


  1. Tom Schwaesdall

    Where is it at….not mile post

  2. Thank you for the update on hwy 95. Please keep us posted on new information.

  3. Halajian Shane

    If you read it ,,,,, approx mm 146

  4. David Levendusky

    Between Osborne Wash and stop light for Casino

  5. Kory Hirsch

    Traffic going thru R.V. park.

  6. Tia Moore

    Its by the turn off to CRIT landfill

  7. Terrible! Lots and lots of prayers 🙁

  8. Sabina Mohr

    Seen a lot of close calls at that stop light

  9. Blanche Smith

    Hope everyone is ok. So sorry

  10. Keep a prayerful thought of the people involved as well as their extended families. Many are affected by this accident

  11. May God Bless the family

  12. My Prayers go out to the persons family..

    Who was it?? And this should be a eye opener to everyone young and old who rides any kind of off road vehicles to pay more attention and take that few extra seconds to get across the roads safely!!

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