10,000 people expected in Parker for drag boat races

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“Top Secret” parked at Parker Oil Wednesday

Approximately 10,000 people are expected to drop into Parker, AZ this weekend for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat races April 10-12th.

These are some of the fastest boats in the world, capable of doing over 200 mph on the water and relying on nitromethane ‘Top Fuel’ to get them there. In the process, the boats vaporize the fuel in just a few seconds and travel the classic quarter-mile in that time.

The racers will be running for a national division championship in Parker this weekend, with lots of sponsorship money wrapped up in pushing the horsepower of the vessels’ high performance engines in the competition. The spectator-friendly races typify what racing fans are looking for: the thrill of raw speed, loud engines and a water-borne spectacle that can be felt as well as seen from the water’s edge.

Regular Parker visitor Eddie Knox will be here for the races, bringing ‘Problem Child‘ with him, a boat known for breaking speed records. This race joins many other dates in the Parker calendar when racing of various sorts takes center-stage.

The action will get started Saturday, with an expectant crowd ready for the qualifying rounds at BlueWater Resort & Casino, with elimination rounds on Sunday. The weekend days will start with a forecast low of 60 degrees, going up to the high 80s by late afternoon.


  1. Alyse Marie Miknaitis

    Nooooooooo!!!! Manny Ramirez you suck!!! I forgot about the races!!!!

  2. Nandi Rantasa

    That’s not that many people in a small town or anything!

  3. Joe Marshall

    A little different than the days when Gaston VanHyfe (Sp) and friends hacked down the bushes at the “Boat Landing” and started racing those little Hydros. He made a little one for Rachel abd I swear that engine was the size of a sewing machine and sounded like a busy bee!

  4. Pat McCleish

    I hope Walmart stocked up on coors light

  5. Judy DeVoe

    When did they start charging to watch the races? The price is outrageous !! Won’t be going this time

  6. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    I will b there. Glad they have come to parker. Great for our businesses. Gonna be awesome. Im sure worth every pennie. Crossroads and bobby ds diner ready to feed 10,000 people. Bring it on….

  7. Carol Kachur

    I haven’t been to the drag races since our good friend Jack Cayer died but boy did I love them. Have so many good memories about the wonderful friends we made.

  8. Parker Live Updates

    We should have maybe said “10,000 spectators” or “10,000 race fans”, so you add all the permanent residents + all the regular weekend visitors + any lingering snowbirds + 10,000 race fans.

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