Viewfinder: Horseless carriages on tour


The Horseless Carriage Club of America is in Parker this week, on their ‘Cruising the River’ tour. Around 20 of the earliest automobiles that ever existed are being hand-cranked and ran around the Parker area, drawing a crowd at restaurants and parks wherever they go.

The 1-cylinder and 2-cylinder carriages are owned by the members of the Western Gaslight group. They’ll be here all week, and then, this weekend, the tour will dovetail with the 20th Annual Sun Country Model T Club Speedster Run.

These photos are provided by the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce’s Mary Hamilton. Visit the club’s website HERE.





La Paz County Supervisor DL Wilson, Chamber of Commerce Director Mary Hamilton and Parker Town Mayor Dan Beaver


  1. Sandy Downen

    They all came to tommy paradise for lunch, good people!!!

  2. Patricia Davis

    WEre can we see these beauties?

  3. Parker Live Updates

    I don’t think there’s a public schedule, so you might have to talk to one of them or just keep your eye out!

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