Suspected drug dealer arrested in Parker


On April 22nd 2015 at 9:50 pm, Ruth Bartley was arrested for Transportation of Dangerous Drugs for Sale.

The La Paz County Task Force has been looking into allegations that a female by the name of Ruth Bartley has been selling large quantities of methamphetamine on the CRIT Reservation and within the Town of Parker. According to some sources, Bartley was considered one of the “bigger dealers” in the Parker area.

The Task Force was able to surveille Bartley for a period of time until they felt she may be in the process of making a delivery, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. At approximately 9:50 pm, they used a Patrol K-9 Officer from the CRIT Police Department and say they found Bartley to be in possession of over a quarter of a pound of methamphetamine for sale.

Bartley is currently being held at the La Paz County Detention Facility for Possession of Dangerous Drugs for Sale on a $40,000 bond.

“The La Paz County Task Force asks that you please remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” a press release says. “If you have information regarding any illegal activity please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or you can call the Task Force directly at (928) 669-9645. You can also email information anonymously at”


  1. Vane Andrade

    God what is she thinking

  2. Ashley Gory

    Idk… That’s hard!!

  3. Parker Live Updates

    Please remember people: suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Everybody’s fighting their own private battles and this must be hard for her family.

  4. Bill Hendricks

    “Suspected”. There’s always two sides to every story.

  5. Mandi Gnau

    Aye Ruthie !!! NOOOOOOO !!!

  6. Danny Crayton

    I don’t know this person, if she is found guilty, that’s a huge bust.

  7. Jerry Griffin

    Damn. Fuckin weta. Prayers

  8. Sherri Ann Swick

    Sad but time to learn her lesson

  9. Susan Olsen


  10. Susan Nez

    Yeah, we don’t need that here. Good job

  11. Rubi Andrade

    That’s my mom and I love her but I gotta stay strong

  12. Susan Nez

    I can see how you could read my statement to be about people, but I mean drugs. We don’t need that here.

  13. Susan Nez

    Everyone makes mistakes and we all take our chances after weighing the risks. We can only stop to help each other when we trip up. And move forward.

  14. Candi Evans

    Maybe if people stop doing dumb stuff then it wouldn’t get posted. They should post criminals being arrested and their charges to let the public know who is doing what in their community and who to stay away from, not to trust and who to keep their children away from. Good job to all those who worked on this case. Maybe she will get the proper help she needs and stays away from that crap when she gets out of prison.

  15. Candi Evans

    Dam straight we don’t need DRUGS here but they are and shame on those who prey on others to use them as mules to sell this nasty stuff. But to say you would rather have drugs here then people who judge others for their mistakes isn’t right at all. Those who make and transport drugs don’t consider the damage they are contributing to in their community. They don’t consider those drugs are being sold to young children who become addicted to them or die from overdoses. Some of these people that do this crap need some tuff love, rehab and yes even have to pay heavy fines to learn their lesson.

  16. Abigail Cortez

    Their job is to arrest people doing crimes . Not humiliate them when their not here to defend themselves . And if being nosy and having to know (community) you have a sad life on knowing others mistakes and business . Make something interesting out of your life instead of being so fucking nosy .

  17. Parker Live Updates

    Abagail- Arrests like this are newsworthy, whether it makes you comfortable or not. Humiliation is not the point. (You know that.)

  18. Drugs are so out of control. They just ruin people’s lives and it is so very sad. I do not know this person, but I pray she finds the help she needs. meth is a monster!

  19. Weldon Brent Johnson Jr.

    All i gotta say is her mugshots looks way better than this Candi biootchz attitude… fukn fake ass upright citizenz.. Probably didn’t front ur ass one day so u on here disrespectin her AND her peoplez… who does that???

  20. Candi Evans

    Community has a right to know about idiots near them. Hit a nerve much?

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