Top 20 Internet Comments About Bernie The Skeleton


After Parker’s ‘Bernie The Skeleton’ story hit the news Monday, it did what we expected and went viral. People are now getting a laugh out of the Bernie discovery all across the nation and the world, with news coverage from outlets like Fox News, Associated Press, NBC, USA Today, The Daily Mail and more.

Below, Parker Live presents the 20 best comments left in response to Bernie’s discovery from around the web.


“Well, apparently we’ll have to keep on searching for Jimmy Hoffa. I would assume however, he would be ankle-deep in concrete.”

“That’s not funny.”

“See we told you Obama cannot be trusted”


“Was it a ‘tea party’ or a ‘beer summit’? My guess is summit.”


“Where’s Boiney?”

ABC 15

“Why was it a ‘scare’? Was it going to wake up and get him?”


“So that’s where my wife keeps her skeletons.”

“Glad to see a sheriff’s department with a sense of humor.”

“Stories like this put my faith back in humanity.”

“He who smelt it, dealt it – I think the diver is the prankster!”


“Really… so someone really thinks those bones will stay together without muscles and tendons?”

“We do have good times in Arizona!”


“I found this humerus”

“I was there – Brian Williams”

“Those were women waiting for the perfect man.”


“Oh my goodness, are they real?”

“Are they sure those were fake?”

“That’s no Tea Partier. That’s Tony Scarboni. He owed money to everyone on the eastern seaboard.”

“Outstanding journalism here. Slow news day?”

AND: Parker Live is offering complete anonymity to anybody who knows how Bernie got there – get in touch by clicking HERE!

BONUS COMMENT: “These are the people who didn’t register for Tube Float.” – Chamber Director Mary Hamilton. Register for the June 6th event at!


  1. Morriah Solano

    FYI made it on yahoo news

  2. Tara Easter Landis

    Moved to Ohio from as parker made it here as well

  3. It’s a little lame that the AP is calling it “Cienega Springs, AZ” I know a lot of people who live around there and their mail is all addressed to Parker AZ. We’re famous but we’re not. Typical Parker.

  4. Good point. We noticed that too. I think their common practice is to locate it on a map and get as accurate a location as possible, but nobody told them Cienega Springs is not a place anybody refers to living in.

  5. Colleen Fink

    Made it on the news in San Diego, CA

  6. Traci Jenkins Worthen

    It was reported on Good Morning America yesterday!

  7. Chelle Costabile

    Tina Jones did you read this update? It’s great!

  8. Tina Jones

    So great! I love this story!

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