Parker P.D. respond to apparent murder-suicide


The Parker Police Department responded to a ‘shots fired’ call early Friday morning and found two people with gunshot wounds to the head.

According to a press release by Sergeant Mike Bailey, when the officers arrived to the house on the 1500 Block of 15th Street, it was discovered that a female subject was lying on the floor of the residence with a gunshot wound to the head. Another male subject was found inside the house with a gunshot wound to the head. Both subjects succumbed to their injuries.

After an extensive investigation by Parker P.D., authorities determined that Sharon Griffin was shot by Robert J. Pittelli, who then shot himself with another gun.

The case is still open, and anyone with any information pertaining to the incident is being encouraged to contact the department at (928) 669-2264.

CORRECTION: Phone number fixed.


  1. Katrina Marie Woodward

    I’m trying to call this number but no one is answering and o need help

  2. Kelly VanHoose

    Danielle VanHoose read this

  3. Lisa Lucas

    So so sad, heartbreaking. …

  4. Petey Keavy

    Friends of mine talked to her last night at the Elks! I was supposed to be there and I know I would have talked with her. I am devastated! A dear friend is in heaven tonight! R.I.P. Sharon!

  5. TJ Laffoon Paddock

    Melodic Bender this is what’s going on in Parker. I’m glad your family is safe & the neighbors calm down and take care of themselves.

  6. Nick Allan Dames

    RIP SHARON!! Woke up to the news this morning. Heartbreaking.

  7. We saw this story in Alaska, as we were preparing to fly to El Paso! And it was headline news in El Paso too!!!!

  8. Preshus WilZin

    Please be advised it was Robert Sr that murdered Sharon then took his own life. Robert Jr was not responsible for the shooting. RIP My dear friend Sharon, my “roomie”.

  9. Janice MacLean

    Last 4 numbers are 2264

  10. Katrina Marie Woodward

    Yeah they put the wrong number and I feel so dumb :/

  11. Jonny Ferris

    No problem. Its just someone was trying to call it

  12. Katrina Marie Woodward

    Its okay , just a mistake :/

  13. Rosie Olivas

    Don’t know them. But it’s so Sad. R.I.P.

  14. Sharon Butters

    I feel that I knew her but just can’t place her. Would someone please tell me about her. This is just too sad.

  15. I knew Sharon for many years….i am saddened that someone would hurt such a wonderful and amazing person….R.I.P Sharon….Gone but not Forgotten

  16. Thank you for continued updates.

  17. My wife informed me regarding Sharon. Sharon was explained to me as a ray of light that brought joy when together. My heart is with Sharon’s family and the town of Parker.

  18. Vanessa York

    Omg how sad i knew her daughter

  19. Dustin Schafer

    That is my grandma R.I.P Grandma and grandpa you both are together again and not hurting…. I so very much can’t and don’t want to believe that this is true :'( :'( :'( :'(

  20. Dustin Schafer

    Vanessa York you know my mom Ada? Anyone that would like to chat can email me at My name is Dustin I’m the oldest son of Ada ( Sharon Griffin daughter ) I was and always will be very close to my grandma I miss you SO BAD and I love you SO SO very much Grandma R.I.P. GRANDMA SHARON TIME TO GO AND BE WITH GRANDPA RON R.I.P. GRANDMA AND GRANDPA LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH…. LOVE your Dust Buster your grandson

  21. Dustin Schafer

    Or msg me on Facebook at

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