Viewfinder: Ashley Hoban takes 4 more national powerlifting awards

Parker’s Ashley Hoban took 4 awards at the AAU Sports National Championship Powerlifting Meet last weekend, including first place in her class and highest coefficient of all females in the competition, according to her Facebook page.


“I weighed in at 138 and I benched 135, squatted 200, and deadlifted 320! I know these lifts might not be my personal bests, but these are actually the most I’ve done in any competition! EVER! I also competed in the Grand Canyon State Powerlifting Games and also got first place! Although I didn’t break any records this meet (that I know of) this was honestly the best meet I’ve competed in by far. I lifted 9/9 of my lifts successfully too!”

Congratulations Ashley!


  1. Fabian Castro

    Watched both her and James grow up.
    Very proud of you Ashley. Make a name for yourself!

  2. Orlando Sanchez

    Bae Ashley killing it like always❤️❤️

  3. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    Only the beginning of many many many more awards. Congrats

  4. Kit Furnell

    Outstanding achievement, Ashley! you had a tough go awhile back, you are a winner!!

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