Vehicle plows into Circle K


A vehicle crashed into the front of a Circle K gas station Tuesday and then took off.

A store employee told Parker Live the incident was over before he saw anything. “Honestly I don’t know how it happened,” he said. “I just heard a loud boom and by the time I saw it he was taking off.”

Parker Police Department says a suspect was later apprehended.

The convenience store, which was recently remodelled, is located on California Avenue in Parker.



  1. Cheri Hines

    Trying to take out the polar pops!

  2. Dee Martinez

    No!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!

  3. Rich Burns

    I was just thinking the same thing lol!

  4. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    The cameras on California Ave entering Parker from chevy dealer should have picked something up.

  5. Boy this town is just getting to exciting. After last week murder-suicide & now a circle k hit and run. Time to move. Dave did one of the ice machines survive 🙁

  6. Becky Williams

    Didn’t this happen to them a couple of years ago?? Not fun.

  7. Robert McCormick

    Hope it’s fixed need drinks tomorrow

  8. Greg Parker

    The Circle K up river lacks concrete and steel posts. Will something like this happen there too?

  9. Jane Kendall

    Well that explains why the one soda machine was out of service yesterday. Things that happen on my days/hours off. Hope no one was seriousley hurt.

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