Parker man gets prison for abusing child


A Parker man will be spending over 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to abusive sexual contact with a minor.

Alexander Ezekial Gonzales, 26, was sentenced to 139 months in prison followed by lifetime supervised release by U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton Wednesday. Gonzales pleaded guilty to the crime which, according to court documents, involved sexual contact with a minor victim under the age of 12 between September 2012 and September 2013.

The investigation in the case was conducted by the FBI and the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department. The prosecutor was Christina J. Reid-Moore, Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of Arizona in Phoenix.


  1. Gina Marie Blaney

    She should never be released.

  2. That’s NOT nearly enough time!

  3. Samantha Reyes

    First off none of you guys know this man and the real story so therefore you shouldn’t make comments like he should be shot ….. especially if you were wrongly convicted

  4. Miranda White

    The real piece of shit is her real father! Poor baby is probably still being abused by someone close to her. There is no real justice in this case!!! Never did I see any of her father’s family there!! The father is an abusive man all the way around!! Alex and our family showed these children what a real family is. The older sibling cried and screamed he was sorry he lied. The little children cry and miss their family, that their father took away. That’s the truth!

  5. Samantha Reyes

    they need to take this down it is harmful info in the wrong hand

  6. Rosie Leivas

    As Alex’s family, WE will take ANY comment to harm him or us to the authorities as THREATS. NO ONE knows anything besides what is being ‘said’. If any of you have an issue, I am his aunt, and I have no problem talking to any one of you IN PERSON, not HIDING behind facebook/social media. Understand parents, there is a child who gave a statement/police report whi has a fb account and is a minor and will sooner be bothered, either by comments, bullied at school or questioned by peers, about this ordeal. Learn the facts first, then speak. HE WHO JUDGES SHALL BE JUDGED. amen.

  7. Samantha Reyes

    I got in touch with the website and the parker pioneer

  8. Rosie Leivas

    Where is a place where we can all meet? I would be more than happy to have a mediator there to keep convos civil. KEEPING IT REAL.

  9. Samantha Reyes

    yup this is bs this is senstive information it should not be put out there like this

  10. Rosie Leivas

    Good thing angela ramirez has taken her own opinion to HER own page. Obviously someone needs a pity party when in reality poor lil girl wants to come “HOME”.

  11. Irene Antonia Castañeda

    I believe in karma what goes around will come around. But for now anyone who has something bad to say about my cousin will hear me. I love you guys!

  12. David Gonzales

    I know I saw this junk when the real criminal is out still lying and being abusive

  13. Irene Antonia Castañeda

    I wish someone would say some of this stuff to one of our family members. Bet they won’t. To my family stay strong our justice will come.

  14. Reyna Cardenas

    This is too sad. So much hate and emotional reactions by family. This will not make matters better. I pray both families find comfort and not make matters worse. Don’t react out of emotion that is influenced by hate , sadness and anger.

  15. Samantha Reyes

    I hope that none of you ever have to endure the injustice that this man had to. I dont wish this on my worst enemy

  16. Maryalice Gonzalez Ramirez

    I pray that god forgives them they send an innocent man to prison….11 years he’ll never get back.. May god help them all….its in gods hand now

  17. Reyna Cardenas

    Sorry you are hurting tia.

  18. Reyna Cardenas

    Sorry you are hurting tia.

  19. Mary Robledo

    God will take care of them all God says that the way you judge you will be judge. Thank you Lord.

  20. Candi Evans

    Sad that this kind of thing ever happens. Prayers to all involved both families.

  21. Rosie Leivas

    Woke up this morning praying that this division among us all ends soon. Have a blessed day all.

  22. Victor Shortey

    This is crap. I know this man they are accusing. I know him well and never in his life would he do such a thing. The real father is a piece of shit. I can’t believe this could happen to such a good man. Karma is a mother fuker and I wish they would investigate those who accuse him of this and I bet the story changes cause it’s all lies. The kids say they miss him. If he was such a bad person why would they miss Alex. I wish all this would straighten out. He’s doing time for nothing. And yes u guys are right. This needs to be taken down

  23. My compliments to the editor for telling it like it is. Great job of reporting. Thank you.

  24. While I recognize the verdict was painful to the family, I appreciate Parker Live not censoring themselves just because family members asked them to. This is public information that can be looked up on government sites and news worthy to our small town. You did a great job reporting fair and balanced…something not often done anymore.

  25. this is sad in every angle u look at it,either way a child lost their innocence and will never be the same,and the accusers family losses a member to prison in which im sure he will never be the same and its hard to accept what a family member may or may not have done its just best to be there for them my prayers go out to all of u.

  26. Candi Evans

    What made him confess?

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