Task Force arrests alleged meth distributor


A man was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into large quantities of methamphetamine coming into the CRIT Reservation and Town of Parker from drug trafficking organizations in Blythe, CA.

On May 14th 2015, the La Paz County Narcotics Task Force arrested Jose Hernandez from Blythe (Ripley), California. Hernandez was allegedly found in possession of approximately 1.3 pounds of methamphetamine. According to a press release from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, the drug was destined for the CRIT Valley, Parker and Lake Havasu City.

“The Task Force suspects Hernandez to be a major methamphetamine distributor to the area,” the statement read. “We feel that with the recent arrest of Ruth Bartley, who was in possession of a quarter of a pound of methamphetamine, and now the arrest of Hernandez with a pound and a half of methamphetamine, we have really disrupted the ‘organization’ that has been supplying our area(s).”

Hernandez is currently being held at the La Paz County Detention Facility for Transportation of Dangerous Drugs for Sale on a $50,000 bond.

“The Task Force asks that you please remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If you have information regarding any illegal activity please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or you can call the Task Force directly at (928) 669-9645. You can also email information anonymously at lapazsheriff.org.”


  1. Mark Valenzuela

    They need to up his bail to 500k.

  2. Lois Jungers

    Thank u for doing what u do! Making our towns a better & safer place!! Ty Ty Ty

  3. Fabian Castro

    Yes raise the bond to 500.

  4. Fabian Castro

    Thank you to our police officers .

  5. April Duckey

    Thank you Good Job guys

  6. Ernest Antone

    Task force needs to get rid of the drug traffickers in the Parker valley and the town of Parker area as well.

  7. Ruben Villafana

    And what part of transporting or selling and delivery of meth is the right thing?

  8. Candi Evans

    How sad these people get sucked into a life of drugs not caring about what that crap does to them or whom ever buys it. This country needs better education of the effects of drugs and it should be taught elementary, jr high and high schools. I know it is is most cases but maybe more extensive teaching is needed.

  9. Shawn Patterson

    Great job to our local police and sheriff office! Thank you for giving us back a bit of our old town of Parker! We appreciate you! Stay safe. Again, job well done.

  10. Shawn Patterson

    Am I the only long time Parker resident who is frustrated with what our town is becoming? This used to be a town where we felt safe. Where it was a great place to raise our kids. Where everyone knew everyone and waved driving down the street. Now it is not the same place I loved. We need to support all of our law enforcement!! Get the trash and drugs out of a town I used to be proud to call home. Now, we May as well all move back to so Cal.

  11. Another very sad thing to point out here is this guy still has his UPS job. I hope the town of Parker sues UPS for allowing this guy to remain on the job and use their vehicles to transport illegal drugs. If your a business owner in Parker and continue to use UPS, shame on you!

  12. Business owners can choose not to use UPS, the company that continues to employ Jose Hernandez. The company that continues to allow him to drive that big brown truck across state lines bringing drugs, large quantities of drugs, into Parker.

  13. Trash!

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