Parker Livecast #25: Memorial Day Weekend Edition


This edition of the Parker Livecast is a 30-minute smorgasbord of recaps, updates and stories from Parker, AZ with John Wright, Josh Savino and Michael Collins just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Whether you’re kicking off summer at the river, traveling for the long weekend or just chillin’, this episode is a free-flowing conversation that’ll catch you right up.

A girl visits from the Netherlands and likes Parker so much she’s coming right back on Saturday, Josh’s iPhone sinks to the bottom of the river in a freak kayak accident, John runs out of gas at Desert Center before enjoying churro ice-cream sandwiches, a brief tale of a rain-soaked bike ride, an acknowledgement of the boredom of driving to Phoenix, a story about the patience of CRIT, John gets into trouble for simply reporting the news, Mike and Josh don’t think that one guy was innocent, and Mike identifies himself as the 911 caller in the Bernie The Skeleton story! It’s all here on this Memorial Day Weekend episode of the Parker Livecast, where we celebrate life at the river.

Parker Live would also like to take this opportunity to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country, without which all the fun we’re having on the Parker Strip may not have been possible at all.

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