Suspected meth dealer arrested in Ehrenberg on way to Parker


Over the weekend, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force arrested a woman in Ehrenberg for transportation of dangerous drugs for sale.

The Task Force was assisting patrol officers Sunday on a special detail for Memorial Day weekend when a traffic stop by a sheriff’s sergeant on patrol in Ehrenberg led to the arrest. At approximately 3pm, detectives stopped to assist the sergeant at the traffic stop. During the stop, the Sheriff’s Office says the operator of the vehicle was acting nervously, so a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and K-9 unit was requested to assist.

The canine ‘alerted’ on the vehicle, leading to a search of the vehicle and its driver, Cynthia Williams (pictured). The Sheriff’s Office says the search located 2 ounces of methamphetamine which the Task Force suspect were purchased in the Blythe, CA area for distribution in Parker and the CRIT Valley.

Williams was arrested and transported to the La Paz County Detention Facility where she is being held on $25,000 bond and is to be considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

“If you have information regarding any illegal activity please contact your local Law Enforcement Agency or you can call the Task Force directly at (928) 669-9645. You can also email information anonymously at”


  1. Billy David

    Crazy, we just talked about that.

  2. Elizabeth Martinez-Ramos

    Get a life and stay outta peoples business

  3. Fabian Castro

    Keep taking them down.
    One by one!!

  4. Ernest Antone

    I agree Fabe. One by One. It’s about time on getting this town rid of the trash that has been polluting this place with all the drugs.

  5. Candi Evans

    I assume your referring to the meth dealer?

  6. Elizabeth Martinez-Ramos

    Well I wouldn’t be saying it for nothing

  7. Elizabeth Martinez-Ramos

    Get over it theres always gonna be method heads drug dealers in Parker you don’t like it than MOVE YOUR ASS SOME WHERE ELSE

  8. Rubi Andrade

    Wow what’s up with all the drug dealers

  9. Rubi Andrade

    That’s so true Elizabeth Martinez-Ramos

  10. Lois Jungers

    Thanks for keeping more of that CRAP off the streets!!

  11. Fabian Castro

    Dam right bro.
    I work for my shit .
    I don’t sell or do drugs .
    Don’t have to, so the police are doing their jobs and for that I’m very happy.
    So happy I’m gonna pee on the fence.

  12. Rhea Clapperton

    Now if they could just get them out of my neighbohood, like quit releasing them over and over again, they never seem to do any time.

  13. Fabian Castro

    Fuck drug dealers.

  14. Candi Evans

    If you don’t like the comments about your family or friend, then be a better friend to them and don’t let them do this crap in the first place. Karma! People do crap like this and don’t expect the community to be upset about it? Maybe you and your “trashy” friend/family should get the ” F” out!

  15. Candi Evans

    Maybe the meth heads should move their ass some where else! We as a community have a right to be upset GET OVER IT!

  16. Candi Evans

    Almost sounds like you’re telling the news media to stay out of peoples business. So why below are you telling people to get over having drugs in our community? We don’t need to get OVER it we need to get rid if it. Just who’s side you on?

  17. Candi Evans

    It’s not the police job to help them, that’s what family and friends are for. Where the hell were you?????????????? It’s the police departments job to arrest the scum bags who bring this crap into our towns. They’re doing their job. What’s your job as a family member or friend to the meth head?

  18. Tennille Marie Martinez


  19. Candi Evans

    Bet you would feel differently if your children were given that crap and became addicted to it. It don’t have to be anywhere. Guess you enjoy it.

  20. Alan Jarvis

    I really wish people stop that not cool or nice ur one good friend I know I hope people will stop

  21. Ernest Antone

    Well said Candi Evans, these people cry around when they get caught and don’t want people to say things about their family who are doing the wrong things. But I bet they thought its fun when they knew their family members or friends were distributing in the vicinity. Karma works in the best of ways.

  22. Candi Evans

    I’d like to know where all these family and friends are when their loved one is making a buy or sale or smoking this junk they bring into our community? I understand people can hide their actions but only to a point, good grief don’t others notice a change in them? Now the real test is coming for when they get released from jail. Will they get the support from family and friends they’re gonna need to stay away from the drugs?

  23. Ernest Antone

    It is our business on this matter especially when it comes to the law enforcement doing their job in our community. That means our tax dollars are at work and this community is getting cleared of the trash that pollute this area. I pay my taxes every year and am finally seeing progress in the clean up of our community. Thank you once again La Paz County in your valiant efforts in the Drug Cleanup. It’s very much appreciated here from alot of us community members!!

  24. That’s great, we don’t need this or those involved with drugs around our children, community or town.

  25. One by one till it’s done!!
    It takes a village!
    I HATE DRUGS! Get um ALL!
    Hell give them there own island !
    Far, Far Away!!!!!!

  26. Candi Evans

    Dam straight, our tax dollars are going to great use with our law enforcement on these asses tails. These druggies will always be taken down!

  27. faithful player

    what makes me sick is that these people need help not jail. when the cops break the law and they do what then? should it be excused or what about the paid informants that sell drugs ??why attack people who need help not hate ,,,you people all talk a good line of crap what about the money not recovered from the corrupt police that all do crime more then most and tell me theres good cops where are they when the bad ones do what ever they want??? my niece was married to officer here he beat her used drugs stole money and is still a cop huh? tell me that the real bad ones dont have badges? these people need treatmernt not judgement oh wait are you the perfect ones?? I agree drugs are bad so is drinking beating your wife and claiming to be a good guys huh what a joke …just wait till they wrong you and they will

  28. I hear a couple from big river who are guilty of her lost life ever get caught.
    Why did they do this act and not get caught and since they did it for who Erica is whats being said.
    You all are horrible people .
    You say she was a snitch afraid she was tell that you lady from big river is the snitch,witch.
    She also had her hand in or her mans hand is whats being said .
    I hope they get all 5 girls and the men you had take her life her and if the justice system was fair, what you did to her should done to you !!!
    Oh no that would be monsterlike we are not elvaish people.
    we are not killers and drug dealing snitch witches .
    You 5 girls no you are getting ready to be caught and so is the men who did this to her.
    may she rest in peace …… and may your piece be removed forever!!!!!!

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