Repairs to Bill Williams pier


Visitors to Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge north of Parker will have a new fishing pier soon, replacing one that was overturned by a “microburst wind event” in 2013.

Contractors are expected to begin repairing the damaged pier beginning Thursday. The repairs will take place in the lower parking lot next to the canoe launch. The work is not expected to affect access to the canoe launch, but visitors are advised to use caution when loading and unloading equipment.

The federal wildlife refuge is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and offers nature walks, bird watching, hiking, and kayaking on the protected lower Bill Williams River. There are no entrance fees for the Refuge or to use the non-motorized launch. 80 percent of Arizona’s plant and wildlife species are found along the state’s rivers, with a great diversity of species found there.

Once repairs are completed, the pier will be re-installed at its original location on the peninsula trail.

For further questions or information, please contact the refuge headquarters at (928) 667-4144.

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  1. Rich Burns

    Yeah! That is great news thank you! We sure do enjoy every minute we get to spend at refuge!

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