Early Bird burglarized, police say


Parker Police Department confirms that the Early Bird Cafe on California Avenue in Parker was burglarized Thursday morning, probably around 5am.

Information collected suggests that a suspect or suspects gained entry into the restaurant and damaged several items and stole money.

PPD asks that anyone with information related to the crime is encouraged to contact them at (928) 669-2264.


  1. Sharon Butters

    People who did this are jerks!

  2. Buni Harvey Hooper

    People work sooo hard at small businesses then for someone to hurt them is the pits!

  3. Wanda VanHoose

    Sorry this happened!!! Is there no respect for someone else property!!!

  4. Kimberly Johnson Rowland

    That’s horrible!! Sure hope they find them!!

  5. Stake them naked out in the desert and pour honey on them that’s all I’ll say

  6. Candi Evans

    I believe in KARMA, this will bite someone in the ass sooner or later. Such a terrible thing to happen in a town where people work hard to stay in business.

  7. Lynn Karambellas Morales

    @Mark Valenzuela is correct it was a burglary, unless someone was in the restaurant at the time of the break-in.

  8. Patricia Davis

    I hope they catch who did this. Cameras?

  9. Ricky Delgado

    Damn Parker is really turning Hood lmao

  10. Parker Live Updates

    I’d still pitch the crime rate here against most cities.

  11. Melissa Rivas

    Wow that is so not cool

  12. Carol Ellens

    Who burglarizes a restaurant?

  13. Rhea Clapperton

    They will be caught and nothing will happen to them, this is Parker after all

  14. Beverly Cronk Champion

    Last year the Early Bird had that fire. Time for some GOOD luck, I’d say!!

  15. Jonna Esquerra

    Was the money laying out for it to be stolen? Why damage several items if you’re just robbing the restaurant? Most businesses keep their money in locked safes. And it was “probably robbed at 5am”, the restaurant opens at 6am. This is a curious one.

  16. We live in a one square mile town .we’re is P.P.D.at that time?

  17. Parker Live Updates

    Hmm. Isn’t the difference that someone can still be charged with burglary even if nothing was stolen? In this case there was stolen property, so doesn’t it qualify as robbery? (Anyone else with the answer feel free to weigh in!)

  18. Sorry to hear this happened. Sounds like PPD is still doing a fine job of doing nothing. It’s pretty sad that the best coffee shop there in town got robbed. It’s still a family owned business and who ever did this should be ashamed for stealing from some great people.

  19. Michael Bailey

    Robbery is when force is used against someone. This is burglary.

  20. Michael Bailey

    Burglary is when a person enters or remains unlawfully on any premise with the intent to commit theft.

  21. Let’s be real. There’s more crime in Parker than in most per capita cities..

  22. Do you know the figures? I don’t, but strongly suspect that the whole region here (valley, town, upriver, Cali side all included) sees less crime per capita of all types than, say, Phoenix. There are areas of our County where the crime rate is virtually nonexistent.

  23. Charlotte Phillippi

    Burglary. They broke in with the intent.

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