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Happy Friday! Via Jay C.


  1. Twyla Sorensen

    Will they be in the same place?

  2. Kelly Davis

    Whoo!! Kelli Scott Marguerite Smith 🙂

  3. Kelli Scott

    Wooohooooo!!!!!!! Omg can’t wait !!!

  4. Kelly Davis

    I was just craving Chinese food last night!! I can’t wait!!! Hopefully opening soon 🙂

  5. Araceli Larraga

    Egg drop soup I miss you ❤️

  6. Ashley Ann Fabrigas

    Ohhhhhh la la!!! Family style dinner this summer!! Trenton Bonney

  7. Gayle Lev

    Do not tease me Bev!

  8. Joshua N CJ

    Oh hell yes!! I’ve been in constant sorrow since this devastating blow to my gut/soul. This has truly made my day!!

  9. Eddie Rowland

    We hope it does well. They have really good food

  10. Denise Chavez

    Maybe will get to try it this time around! David Chavez

  11. Sharon-Doug McLean

    Oh, I sure hope so! Miss good Chinese food.

  12. Yes!!!!!!!!! LOVE the sweet and sour chicken, the best. Welcome back.

  13. Julie B Borboa

    Can’t wait our favorite. ..hell ya

  14. Lee Olsen

    GREAT news. Missed you sooo much…


  15. Gerald Eddy


  16. I think i just did something in my pants.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!

  17. Juancarlos Tinoco para que se valla a comer dispues de la iglesia

  18. Dave Garges

    What happened? We stop there all summer long on the way to Lave Havasu. They have the best Chinese food! We were very disappointed last week.

  19. Virginia Lee Rada

    YEAH! Now next winter Julie Boyce Riffe and I can have our one annual trip for Chinese food…….

  20. Lilice Greenlee

    your gonna need to make reservations to get in for quite some time..we all love that place!

  21. David Algarete Aponte

    Suzy Ivette Aponte one of the favorite community spots coming back yeyyyy

  22. Nom, Nom…


  24. When ever I ate over there I got sick. I called Parker chamber of commerce and told them. They just sympathized with me. I called the health dept. they didn’t do nothing. When they burned down, I said things must happen for a reason.

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