Heat arrives in time for Tube Float


The temps shot up last weekend to 106 degrees on Saturday after a cool May, signaling the start of summer here in Parker just in time for Tube Float.

The average afternoon high in the month of May 2015 was just 87 degrees in the Parker area, compared with an average of 96 degrees in May the previous year. The river got busy last weekend when the temperatures reached well into the triple digits, prompting many to get out the river toys and prepare them for a summer on the water.

Although some reported highs up to 111, these were not official National Weather Service numbers (the temps on readouts at banks and parks tend to run several degrees too high when they get above 100 degrees). Saturday’s actual temperature was 106, Sunday’s was 104.

The forecast for Tube Float this Saturday is for a perfect mid-90s in the afternoon. It’s set to be a great day on the Parker Strip. Event info HERE. Parker Live’s guide to getting the most out of the Tube Float HERE.


  1. Buddy Moore

    Lilly Webb, Aj Argueta, Kelly Austin

  2. Maggie Alcaida Lee

    It’s OK if you stay in the cool water and not get burnt to a crisp from the sun. Have a safe and great time everyone….

  3. Ricky Sorrells

    Mona Alina Farar see I told u it’s hot out here

  4. Mona Alina Farar

    The weather channel begs to differ

  5. Ricky Sorrells

    Well seeing is believing and trust me it’s hot as hell and getting hotter

  6. Donna T. Crecelius

    Dina Springer Mandi Day. Can’t wait!

  7. Candi Evans

    If everyone drinks water instead of alcohol they may even stay safer.

  8. Janice MacLean

    Or at least Some water!

  9. Candi Evans

    Being in the water don’t hydrate anyone. Drinking alcohol dehydrates faster then tea or coffee. Lack of proper hydration + sun beating down on you = dehydration can cause black outs which is not a good thing with you’re in a tube on the water.

  10. Jean Baker Cameron

    It’s suppose to be 96 on Saturday

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