Parker Livecast #26: Tube Float!


It’s a week everybody looks forward to – Parker Tube Float is Saturday and this episode of the Livecast covers it by chatting with event organizer Mary Hamilton and Sheriff’s Lieutenants Curt Bagby and Donald Schlecht.

On this week’s edition: Josh Savino spent an unexpected 5 nights in a Phoenix hospital and is still recovering after 2 surgeries, drunk-driving may be down, per capita, how not to get arrested on the river, whether Arizona or California law applies on the water, and how every year, people lose their keys. Full index below.


0:00 – A Tube Float prank call
6:00 – How Josh used to have a gallbladder
10:15 – Mary Hamilton on registering for Tube Float
13:00 – “It’s, like, totally tubular!”
15:50 – Sheriff’s Bagby and Schlecht on DUIs
17:35 – Busiest Memorial Day weekend in years
19:20 – Boat rules at night / early morning
21:44 – Which state’s laws apply?
23:30 – Enforcing the law at Tube Float
28:26 – Lots of people try to walk miles in their swimsuit
29:53 – People lose their keys
31:18 – Tube Float commercial song
32:16 – Final tips
33:10 – A teaser for next time

Tube Float information HERE. Parker Live’s top ten tips HERE. See you on the water!

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