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June has arrived and I can feel the excitement of summer! The days are getting longer and I’ve officially switched over to my summer wardrobe (tank tops, check).

This is the time of year when we invite and bask in the warmer temperatures while lingering outside in the evenings, watching the sun set behind the mountains.

The sense of optimism and joy seems boundless and endlessly invigorating but, of course… we all know that the summer will drag on, become oppressively hot and then be rounded out with the heavy humidity of the monsoons. (Lawyers have to ruin everything, don’t they?)

But, for now… we relish in the change of seasons and those summer clothes we can now wear again.

And time will march on. Next it will be Fall, then the busy holidays, and boom, it’s 2016 and the cycle starts anew.

Life will unfold (with the pace seeming to now be at a sprint) and we get absorbed in so many different things, and unfortunately, we don’t receive special, personalized “alerts” that tell us when to take certain actions to protect ourselves and our families.

Instead, we’re each expected to figure it all out on our own and then make time in our busy lives to see that these important things get done.

And when it comes to the very important task of estate planning, it’s so easy to come up with reasons to put it off or about why estate planning isn’t for you.

Sometimes people tell me, “Well, it really don’t matter what happens after I die because I’ll be dead.” Although that way of thinking easily justifies not planning, it completely ignores how intertwined our lives are with others.

If you don’t plan, yes, the problems do not fall on your shoulders, but do you really want to create problems and headaches for the people you love the most?

Ask yourself, “Do I want to potentially burden my loved ones with a long, drawn-out court process to simply wrap up my affairs, or, do I want to make things as simple and easy as possible for those people that mean the most to me?”

In my experience as a lawyer, I’ve repeatedly encountered situations where parents, unintentionally, end up leaving their children saddled with expensive, time-consuming and very stressful legal problems that can destroy family relationships.

So for anyone out there wanting the “alert” to get something important done to protect yourself and your family, well then maybe the special estate planning offer I have for the month of June is what you’ve been waiting for.

Because in June, in honor of Father’s Day, anyone that signs up for my Basic Estate Planning Protection Package will also receive (at no additional cost) an Avoid Probate Strategy Session.
Probate is a legal process that can cost thousands of dollars and take at least four months (but usually takes 1-2 years).

This means that, for the month of June, you can not only get your basic estate planning protections in place, but also, take steps to protect your family from getting caught in the expensive and time-consuming probate process.

So spend your summer doing all those things you really want to do while also having the peace of mind of knowing that your basic protections are in place.

I’ve sought to make this process affordable, fast and easy in an effort to help as many people as possible.

To learn more and to sign up for this special, limited-time offer, simply CLICK HERE or call my office at (9280 669-6195. And enjoy the start of summer!

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