Pageant contestant takes Alyson Tozer’s message to ‘Mrs’ competition


A former Miss La Paz is to take Alyson Tozer’s message into the ‘Mrs California America’ competition.

Kati Vander Pol-Legnon, a close friend of Alyson’s for years, says she has become passionate about raising awareness of cystic fibrosis and organ donation as a way to continue Alyson’s mission.

“I made her a promise and I’m going to make sure I keep it,” Kati said.

She and Alyson considered themselves ‘pageant sisters’, having both competed in Miss America Organization contests in California and Arizona. Alyson passed away last September after a lifelong battle with cystic fibrosis, leaving a wide and lasting impact on the Parker area community and beyond.


If selected as Mrs California America, Kati will go on to compete at the Mrs America pageant in Crimea while bringing awareness to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Donate Life.

“My goal is to impact as many people as I can while giving back to my community and state,” Kati told the Palo Verde Times.

The Mrs California America competition is to be held in Palm Springs at the Hilton Palm Springs Resort on June 27th. Parker Live supports Kati for the win!


  1. Aryn Godby Romo

    Love love love this picture!

  2. Cole N Kati Legnon

    Thank you John Wright, this is absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Please use proper grammar. In this article, in the fourth paragraph, the sentence should start with “she”, not “her.”

  4. Corrected! (I’ll resist the temptation to call you a grammar nazi, though I am thinking it.)

  5. Does anyone know how she did? If she placed or won?

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