Traffic interruptions on multiple routes

US-95 Thursday morning, via Tina J.
US-95 Thursday morning, via Tina J.

UPDATE 9am: Highway 72 temporarily opened. Road damage from the burning fuel will necessitate road repairs later.

UPDATE 9:15am: Highway 95 one lane is reportedly open to traffic.


Both AZ-72 near Bouse, AZ and US-95 near Lost Lake, CA are blocked this morning after vehicle accidents involving semis on fire. Morning commutes may be interrupted.

The first incident occurred Wednesday night when a semi tanker truck rolled over and caught fire on Highway 72 near Bouse (mile posts 29-30), according to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. Early reports suggested that the driver could not be located.

This morning, the 72 is still closed and may be unavailable to traffic until mid-morning at soonest.

The second incident occurred Thursday morning when reportedly another semi on fire blocked both lanes of Highway 95 on the California side of the Colorado River north of Lost Lake. Morning commuters reported that Caltrans was waiting for the fire department in the 5 o’clock hour Thursday morning and holding traffic back at that location.

No word on when the route is expected to open. Parker Live will update this post when we hear updates.

AZ-72 Wednesday night. Via Juanita Learn
AZ-72 Wednesday night. Via Juanita Learn


  1. Jake Lucier

    Saw the huge smoke plume from my house near McVay Rd. and Hwy. 60

  2. Tammy L Stahlecker

    Yep had to drive additional 61 miles to work

  3. Highway 72 is open to traffic but has a restricted speed in the area.

  4. Laurie Wise

    Yeah, saw the huge plume from my place too. The accident was four miles down from 42 E. My son had to detour through Brenda to go to work in Parker as they were still working on the cleanup early this morning.

  5. The man who died in the tanker Wednesday night was an incredible person and a very dear friend. The world has lost a great human being.

  6. ritnesh p sharma

    last night we lost a brother, best friend, family member, we just saw each other on fathers day, we laughed joked, cooked, talked about random things, all i can remeber is his smile, i can only say that he will be missed dearly and again i reminder how life is or can be, friends and family make each day count as if its yours last!!!!

  7. ritnesh p sharma

    R.I.P stvevie!! we love bro……..

  8. So very sorry for your loss

  9. It’s a sad day when a man looses his life and a family looses their hero and the public can only think of their inconvienance …..Really??? a detour around the accident scene…..

  10. Stevie. Rip I’m so sorry I trained him was the best one I had to run fuel

  11. Jerry- There was no official report on the driver; this article was focused on informing commuters of the situation on our roads, as every other news organization would have done.

  12. RIP Stevie!! You were a great person! So sad! You will be missed!!

    (I’m one of his dispatchers) Stevie was funny, hardworking! Always willing to help wherever we needed him!! I’m honored to have met him and work with him. I pray for his family and friends that they can find strength and peace in their hearts.

  13. Angel Jenkins

    Shame on you a man lost his life and your complaining about having to drive and extra 61 Miles wow some people just don’t have a heart.

  14. Angel Jenkins

    You people complaining on here about having to drive extra miles to get to work SHAME ON YOU a man lost his life in that accident him and his wife had just gotten the keys to their new home they bought that day now she’s left all by herself how selfish can you be. That’s what’s wrong with this world some people only care about themselves. R.I.P. STEVIE even thro I don’t know you my daughter did and may God take you under his,wing and watch over your family. In Jesus name amen

  15. Angel Jenkins

    No it was a young man working delivering gasoline so you people out there has gas yo get where you need to go. He lost his life in that accident.

  16. Angel Jenkins

    At least your alive and that man that died in that accident was delivering gas so you could be able to drive your car. Sad person you are.

  17. Tammy L Stahlecker

    Didn’t know the man died but thank you for the sermon. You are a perfect example of why I don’t attend church . Guess God was busy that day and made you his judge

  18. Parker Live Updates

    Angel- Settle down please. Nobody knew anything about the driver, that’s not what we were reporting about. It’s perfectly legitimate for people to respond to the news about the traffic first. If official details are released about the driver we’ll post a separate article and you’ll see that people are very empathetic and sad about that when it’s appropriate.

  19. Angel Jenkins

    I know they will it’s just that people see something like that their first thoughts should be God bless not that it’s a inconvenience for them. I know you know where I’m coming from. But I just threw that out their hoping people would change their way of thinking. People need to be more thoughtful of others like it used to be.

  20. Parker Live Updates

    They didn’t know anything about the driver. We haven’t been given any official info on that yet.

  21. Angel Jenkins

    Sorry wasn’t trying to be mean just get people not to judge so fast. It just seemed like you were complaining on being inconvenienced. I don’t go to church either because you don’t have to go to church to believe in God. Sorry if my comment upset you wasn’t trying to do that guess I could have worded it differently. God Bless

  22. Angel Jenkins

    Thank you just wanted to let you know I wasn’t trying to be mean.

  23. Pritika Uiagalelei

    I love you so much and miss you very dearly I am still in shock and keep thinking you will show up some how. My hearts says you are still out there. I lost my world you are my everything and showed me so many things and made me strong but didn’t prepare me for this.our life’s had just started to get on track. I will always have you in my heart and you will be missed by so many. I am very honored to be your Queen and very proud of you been my King. You are one of a kind and the Lord doesn’t make man like you and now he took you away from all of us and may he keep you under his arms and all pains away. Thank you for everything I love and will miss you forever Stevie Uiagalelei…..

  24. Rip Stevie I know I only knew you for a short while but will surely miss the positive attitude you brought to the yard every day. And Tammy maybe you should read a little more before you think it’s alright to rant about your awful inconvenience of a detour.

  25. RIP Stevie. Your friends back in Anchorage AK will miss you & always love you dearly.

    My thoughts are with his wife, children, relatives & each & every one of his friends. You were a gentle, funny & uplifting person. You will never be forgotten!

  26. ritnesh p sharma


  27. i”m really sorry to hear this Gina andi could imagine how your heart felt.Condolence to the rest of the family.RIP Stivie.

  28. Copy & paste his name, listed on here Stevie Uiagalelei. Google search or find and u can post money into his gofundme account. Help in little amounts by many people gets big results. Ive used gofundme for small needs. Its safe. God Bless Amen!

  29. Scott Santiago

    Gofundme is set up. Stevie Uiagalelei Help is always needed. Us driving big rigs go too new places hourly, with little cars within inches of us. We need too work together. Be a good angel, look down on your fellow fuel drivers, Brother.

  30. Thank you so much to everyone for taking the time and leaving your thoughts and comments, we appreciate all of your prayers. Stevie was truly someone that could warm a room with his smile, his laugh was contagious and being in his presence you just felt better. No matter what the situation Stevie would make you laugh and forget whatever mood you were in. He was the type to give you the shirt off of his back and he was such a humble person he would never want anyone to argue over something as simple as a misunderstanding on this article. Instead, I ask that each person that may read this article say a prayer for Stevie, his beautiful Wife Pritika (whom you see has also posted on this thread) his family and friends. We have all lost someone so very special, someone who truly left his mark on the hearts of many. Life is too short and we never know when it will be our time, when GOD calls us home. So I ask each person that may read this to hug your family extra tight and tell them you love them because you never know how fragile life is until its gone. May you rest in peace and love Stevie we love you and may your positive impact you left on so many carry on.. xoxo
    Ritesh, Andrea & Girls

  31. Stevei uiagalelei,
    Stevie was my younger cousin but more like my brother…we went to grade school together…when were younger we used to rotate clothes…as we grew up and grew apart but still kept in touch the last time I seen him was when he came up for my sons christianing I could not think of anyone closer to me to be my sons godfather …he was gonna come up this July to spend more time with us…he always kept a positive attitude and gave me words of wisdom when I needed It…he brought the good out in me….we were so different but so much the same I’ll never forget my little cousin/brother/friend and make sure his godson know who he was and how much he loved us…you’ll always b in my thoughts and prayers we love you Stevie ….Joshua Taylor and family

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