Parker 10-year old picked by football organization

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While attending an Offense-Defense Football Camp this summer, Lawrence Scott, Jr., 10, a resident of Parker, AZ and member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, was named an Offense-Defense All-American and invited to participate in the 10th-annual Offense-Defense Bowl Week festivities taking place in Daytona, FL.

Lawrence, a Linebacker/Fullback for Pop Panther Parker Panthers Jr. Peewee team was selected for this honor from a group of young athletes numbering in the thousands across the country and played well representing Parker and CRIT, easily validating the Bowl Selection Committee’s choice in tabbing Lawrence for the All-Star tilt.

The Offense-Defense Youth All-American Bowl is part of a week-long series of events including the televised, 10th-annual Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, an All-Star football game showcasing 88 of the top high school seniors in the country and has featured current NFL pros such as Cam Newton, Joe Haden, and Dez Bryant among others before they were collegiate and later professional stars.

Offense-Defense Sports has been running full-contact football instructional camps for the past 45 years and currently operates in approximately 40 camp locations nationwide every spring and summer. For more information visit


  1. Ellen Woodring

    Holly Drennan how awesome, congrats…I showed Hunter and he said “That’s so awesome ” Best wishes 🙂

  2. Holly Drennan

    Thank you. We are all so excited for him!

  3. Tina Leivas

    Wow!!! That is totally awesome!! Good job Lawrence Scott, Jr. 🙂

  4. Hunni Bee

    Congratulations Lawrence Scott Jr. Hard work & sacrifice pays off. 🙂

  5. James N Melody Villaneda

    Way to go little Lawrence so freaking awesome.

  6. Teresa Spivey

    How cool! Good luck little man!

  7. Rey N Maria Carrillo

    Nicolas Carrillo Cesar Carrillo anything is possible

  8. Aryn Godby Romo

    Yea Lawrence! Hard worker and sweet boy!

  9. Isabel De Leon

    Awesome! Congrats to the family…

  10. Frank Savino

    Congrats Lawrence keep the good work!!!

  11. Lawrence Scott

    Thank you all for the great comments our son Lawrence Scott jr makes us all very proud. Thank you Parker live for sharing this article we appreciate it alot.

  12. Lisa Parten

    How freakin awesome is this!!! Give yourself a pat on the back too dad!!

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