Bomb threat at CRIT building a hoax, CRIT PD says

11am– The offices of the Colorado River Indian Tribes have reportedly been evacuated at this hour after an alleged security alert or threat. The Sheriff’s Office is reportedly on standby as things develop. Parker Live will pass along any official information about the situation we get.

UPDATE 7/10/2015 3pm- The evacuation on July 7th was due to a bomb threat received at the Tribal Court building, according to CRIT P.D. It was later determined to be a hoax. Full statement from CRIT Police Chief Will Ponce below.



  1. Lela Mccowan

    Are all tribal places closed ex hip program

  2. Angela Nez

    all offices on 2nd Ave admin offices are closed today – HIP should be open

  3. Lela Mccowan

    Oh k no one answering wen called

  4. He who smelt it, dealt it.

  5. I wonder why?

  6. Candi Evans

    Duh, no one answering. What do you think evacuated means?

  7. It’s a good thing it says “end of statement” so we know where to stop reading.

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