Viewfinder: FLOG 2015

KLPZ’s annual FLOG tournament, aka Baseball Golf, took place Saturday morning at Emerald Canyon Golf Course. The wacky 9-hole scramble is in its 15th year, and brought the usual hilarity, costumes, competition and insanity. Each July the tournament offers players the chance to swing baseball bats at a golf course, and to use them like pool cues on the greens.

Photos below provided by Parker Live media contributor Michael Collins, and the last one by Teresa T on Facebook.

Flog1 Flog2 Flog3 Flog4 Flog5 Flog6 Flog7 Flog8 Flog9 Flog10 Flog11 Flog12 Flog13 Flog14 Flog15 Flog16 Flog17 Flog18 Flog19 Flog20 Flog21 Flog22 Flog23 Flog24 Flog25 Flog26 Flog27 Flog28 Flog29 Flog30 Flog31 Flog33 Flog34 Flog35 Flog36 Flog37 Flog38 Flog40 Flog41 Flog43 Flog44 Flog45 Flog4611693842_10204820911272666_3374477768017727992_n

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