Parker weather: Storm rolls in


UPDATE 3:48pm – Highway 72 near Bouse, AZ is reportedly already closed after flash flooding across the desert.

One to two inches of rain are possible this weekend as more moisture moves into the Parker area and across the region. Clear skies in Parker gave way to dramatic cloud cover by early Friday afternoon, with wind picking up along the Colorado River.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix has issued a Flash Flood Watch for areas of southeastern California and western Arizona, starting this evening and continuing into the weekend. The weather system moving through the area is a result of several factors including Hurricane Delores, which is churning through the Pacific.

“Showers and thunderstorms will increase in coverage Friday afternoon through Saturday morning across the region,” said a NWS release. “The intermittent storms will produce heavy rainfall amounts, which may lead to flooding of urban areas and normally dry washes.”

As always, Parker Live advises caution while travelling around the Parker area in the rain, including avoiding driving into flooded washes and matching speed with visibility depth.

Photos from Bouse, AZ via Parker Live media contributor Michael Collins:




  1. Parker Live Updates

    Taken a short time ago near Parker in Bouse, AZ. Highway 72 is reportedly closed.

  2. Richard Bierbrodt

    “Possible ” for parker

  3. Marianna Benner

    Hey can you tweet this photo to NWS Phoenix, they would want to see it:)

  4. Susan Dancy-McFayden

    Please keep this updates as we are on our way in from Beaumont.

  5. Parker Live Updates

    All looks fairly clear on that side Susan.

  6. Susan Dancy-McFayden

    We’ve got some friends coming in later tonight and I’m going to tell them to watch your page.

  7. Katie Turnbow

    Sabrina Corkill look what we barely avoided! Greg this dumped out in the desert but we didn’t get any water at all.

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    Gah! Those washes run wild!

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    That’s crazy!! We Just missed this!! Ryan Corkill check this out!

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    Stacy N Jeremy S uh oh

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    ayone can sign up for Nixle and get information to their phones on road closeures and weather

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