Arizona DPS to get a new look. What do you think?


The Arizona state police agency, the Department of Public Safety, is to get a re-branding with new colors, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. Officers with the department are no longer being called ‘officers’ either and will now be referred to as ‘troopers’.

DPS will be getting 90 new vehicles soon, so it was a good time to update the aging color scheme, according to the report. A new prototype (pictured above) does not represent a final decision but a possible new look for the agency.

Observers say the move represents an attempt to update the department in the eyes of the public and boost morale among the troopers themselves. The title ‘trooper’ is to replace ‘officer’ as a way to reflect the role the state cops are in.

The prototype colors are dark blue and copper, and would replace the white vehicles with reflective blue striping that are currently in use. What do you think?


  1. Peggy Manes

    When you make an ugly enough I guess I’ll notice them

  2. Steve Miller

    Have to see one on the road first

  3. Pam Crans Stark

    Why??? Waste of taxpayers money!!

  4. Becoming more military style.

  5. Curtis Wilburn

    But we need to cut back money for schools.

  6. Jennifer Jones

    This is what happens when the state gives HURF to DPS instead of the counties and municipalities. What a waste.

  7. Cynthia Yolland

    As to the look: Wrong! As to the expense: Wrong! How about more officers? Or more teachers? Or more bridges?

  8. Jane Boyles

    They can hide better in the bushes.

  9. Gary White

    There must be other places to waste money!

  10. Debbie Gardner Davis

    Poor choice and why change in the first place?

  11. Jerry W. Colwell

    Posted for my nephew and Texas State Trooper, Justin Baker.

  12. Calm down people, they’re not “wasting money” they are replacing worn out vehicles. They would be replaced regardless of the paint scheme. The same new scheme in white with a metallic copper stripe would look great.

  13. Charlie Kukral

    Black is not a desert color.

  14. Teri Gary

    Oh they have too much money and need to find ways to spend it.

  15. Jamie Simms

    I fail to understand the reason for the change. Was the present look broken? If not…”if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”…should apply!

  16. Ben Westover

    Someone’s brother in law has a paint shop

  17. Luther Perkins

    Last thing you need in Arizona coach is more DPS cars and officers. Every time I come back for a visit I get stopped! Lol

  18. Jamie Simms

    Luther…it could be because you are going too fast or have out of state plates……….Az does need the money. LOL

  19. Jamie Simms

    You are probably right Ben.

  20. Luther Perkins

    I’m sure I never drive to fast;) Now that you’re retired and all you need to embark on a run for Governor, that State needs an intelligent ex-football coach to stir things up.

  21. Callee Shrewsbury

    Or maybe they were budgeted for new cars…. the blue and whites also had a paint job.

  22. Michael Bailey

    They look pretty sweet. That paint scheme would look better on a Tahoe though. As for everyone complaining about the “waste of money”, they have a budget for new cars. That budget also entails the outfitting and painting of the new cars. I haven’t read anywhere that DPS is going to repaint the old cars. It appears that they will cycle out the current cars with the new ones. Of course I could be wrong.

  23. Maybe wrap ’em with a big TaTOO won’t be noticed as easily, freedom of expression, we need that.

  24. Allen May

    I like that it says trooper. But the colors are hidious

  25. Michael Bailey

    I don’t know about the blue. I like the copper color.

  26. Allen May

    It looks like a melted cream sickle

  27. All empires have troopers. All empires end badly!

  28. Candi Evans

    lmao don’t speed an you won’t get pulled over. People it’s not a waste of tax payers money. All law enforcement agencies BUDGET monies for fleets, to buy and repair. Do any of you have any idea how many miles a unit drives a day,month or year? They do look good, I would like to see them at night, bet they’re harder to spot for the speeders.

  29. Go back to the drawing board guys…Trooper title..okay…The colors suck.

  30. They actually look really nice, I just saw one in flagstaff today and was pretty impressed how it looks

  31. Like the blue/white better, better visibility. As long as they’re not maroon and gold like the trick the legislature pulled on the state plates years ago.

  32. I like it. I collect police car diecasts and models, and I think this design is awesome!!!

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