Woman dies in custody in Parker


An woman has died in jail in Parker, according to a statement by La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.

On Saturday morning (July 25th, 2015) an officer performing routine security checks at the La Paz County Detention Facility found Beverly Pool, 54, unresponsive in her cell. She was later pronounced deceased by emergency responders.

Pool, a resident of Parker, AZ, had been arrested the previous evening and was being held in the booking area holding cell until her initial appearance in court. The statement says she had apparently gone to sleep “sometime in the evening of Friday July 24th and was believed to have passed away in her sleep in the early morning of Saturday July 25th.”

The Sheriff’s Office says the death is being investigated and no further information is available due to the sensitivity of the incident.

UPDATE: A GoFundMe page has been set up by one or more of her children, saying, “[Our] mother of 10 children has passed away unexpectedly. We, her children, after losing 2 of our siblings, one of which was in the past year, cannot afford another funeral. Any donation will help. God bless.” The page for more details can be found HERE.

UPDATE 2: Parker Police Department confirms it arrested Pool on Friday at approximately 3:20pm on an active warrant from Parker Magistrate Court. Sergeant Thompson says Parker P.D. is working with the Sheriff’s Office in investigating Pool’s death.



  1. Beverly L Bonney

    Why does this article not list her age or what she was arrested for?

  2. Victoria Matthews

    Cause why does that matter her age or what she did doesn’t give them the reason to let her die in custody

  3. Parker Live Updates

    I’m still awaiting that information but wanted to post immediately, so the article will be updated when we get it.

  4. Katherine Wheatley

    They story makes it sound like she may have died in her sleep. Let’s not assume that the facility is responsible for her death. It is very sad for her family that she has passed away, let’s not make it worse by blaming the jail.

  5. Sharon Walton

    Thank you! It’s sad that her first announcement of death through a media outlet is that she was in jail. She was actually loved by many in the community.

  6. Katherine Wheatley

    Yeah, that is very sad. I’m not sure how I feel about it either. It might have been better to not share her name right away, but it’s the media. Ugh.

  7. Sharon Walton

    Yea. Now we’re all wondering what she did and why she died ???? at least I am

  8. Katherine Wheatley

    I had heard she died, but hadn’t heard what happened. Time will tell. Such a sad deal for her family, though.

  9. Crystal White

    It said her age was 54…

  10. Ahh..so sad. Rest in peace Bev~ My thoughts go out to all her family <3

  11. Candi Evans

    Just because someone dies in custody don’t mean “they” let it happen. People have heart attacks, die in their sleep ect. People need to stop jumping to blame the jail because she was in custody. If someone dies in motel or hotel is it the fault of the hotel or motel? If someone dies at your house is it automatically going to be your fault?

  12. Candi Evans

    It says Beverly Pool, 54 in the first paragraph of the story. As far as what she was arrested for may not be released till the investigation/autopsy is done or if the family requests that not be released. Why does it matter what she was arrested for anyway?

  13. Lawanda Mayfield

    Awww! RIP Beverly! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! ????

  14. Beverly L Bonney

    Candi Evans thanks for pointing out my oversight regarding her age. I was curious about the reason for the arrest. Such little information was given.

  15. Typical that people don’t read the actual article. As Candi pointed out, her age was listed in the first paragraph. *sigh

  16. Parker Live Updates

    It’s a legitimate question, and it’s also public information, so we’ll pass it along when we can.

  17. Beverly L Bonney

    Victoria I didn’t realize her age was in the article. I couldn’t help being curious about the circumstances behind the arrest and wonder if perhaps that it somehow contributed to her death. It’s entirely possible her death occurred from natural causes as well. I just wondered. My thoughts and prayers to those that knew and loved this woman. Very sad.

  18. Parker Live Updates

    A new update has been added with a few additional details about the arrest.

  19. Jasmine Alvarado

    I wish y’all could have gave her family a decent amount of time to grieve and deal with their loss.

  20. Candi Evans

    She was arrested for a warrant. The cause of death most likely still being investigated.

  21. Jasmine Alvarado

    At least you put the gofundme acct.

  22. Parker Live Updates

    News is sometimes sad, and always has a human element which we don’t wish to ignore.

  23. JoAnne Hernandez

    I don’t see that anyone was “blaming” the jail so quit assuming people are. They aren’t any comments from people “blaming” anyone. Prayers to her family.

  24. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    maybe more checks on people there. most of all immediatly after an arrest, thats aot of stress. hoping she died peacefully.

  25. Hana Skersick

    R.I.p Bev.. thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive. .I know the positive comments really mean a lot to her family. Sarah Marie Pool & Rebekah Rachel Ann Pool. ……Thank you for thinking about her family instead of being mean and just writing negative things. This is very assuring that people still have a heart❤ and respect!

  26. Candi Evans

    Yes it’s public information, to be disseminated by the proper authority. some people think just because something is public information anyone can give it to the public Well that’s not the case. It has to be given to the press by the proper authority.

  27. Parker Live Updates

    The arrest report is a daily public release that we get every morning at KLPZ 1380am/Parker Live. It includes names, ages, town of residence and charges made at the time of arrest. On this occasion the arrest was for a warrant from Parker Magistrate Court.

  28. Jasmine Alvarado

    Always Sarah love! Love y’all!

  29. Sarah Marie Pool

    We love you too boo boo ???? miss you and the girls

  30. Jasmine Alvarado

    Miss y’all! Hope we can see you soon. Stay strong, I’m praying for y’all ????

  31. Jo Kroger

    Why does it matter what she was arrested for anyway…!!!!

  32. Lahoma Jolene Kroger

    Rest in peace Beverly the one time I met you as an adult you were a wonderful person!

  33. Lawanda Mayfield

    To Rebekah and Sara! I am so sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time. I knew your mom and she was a good person. I know it is hard and it hurts to hear and see all the negativity towards your mom. Remember all of the good times you had with your mom, she will always be in your hearts. Praying for God to bring you all peace and comfort in your time of need. God bless all of you! ????

  34. Mary Bierbrodt

    Sarah Marie Pool and family, I am so sorry that you all have to go through all this mess. The media, gossip mongers and all the negative ninnys out there. To you, this is your mom and a time for mourning; to them it is the next 5 min of talk. My best suggestions, out if love and respect is to try to stay off of Facebook till this passes, to keep yor sanity. Next week, someone else will be the new (unfortunate ) topic.
    I love you you honey and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    I’m here around the corner if you need anything

  35. Sarah Marie Pool

    I love you mama Mary???? we pay these haters no mind. There’s always going to be stupid people saying stupid things

  36. Jennifer Jones

    When I was in the intake cell awaiting arraignment on a famous false arrest, I repeatedly asked for the nurse to get an aspirin which I never received. The next morning the jailer asked what was wrong with my eye, as it turned out a blood vessel had burst. Could have been me. Fortunately for the County I was only interested in suing Quartzsite for the manufactured false arrest.

  37. Lawanda Mayfield

    You’re very welcome! ????

  38. Mary Bierbrodt

    xoxo just know I’m here honey, don’t fall back.

  39. Two words

    Larry Irwin

    Just saying becuz for years I was told Larry ran the jail, at least since John “The Drunk” Drum (JTDD) won the last beauty contest

    Please wake up LaPaz County

  40. Really there is no need to be negative. It does not matter how she passed away. It is very sad. What matter’s is that you should show her family and dear friend’s compassion at this time. It is painful to lose someone and being hateful is just so wrong in so very many ways, but that is just my opinion. It is not hard you know to show a little respect . I just don’t understand people much anymore I guess?
    To Beverly’s friends and family – I am so very sorry for your loss. May God bless you at this time . I pray you find peace. Rest In Paradise Debbie. ♡

  41. WE HAVE TWO WITNESSES that requested immediate medical assistance for Beverly Pool during her jail time at #LaPazCountyJail. We have told the governor, all of the news stations and no one has done anything to ensure an independent investigation of the jail or her guards. Over 1,000 people (so far) are demanding justice for #BeverlyPool, her 8 living children and 15 grandchildren who are besides themselves. This woman was allegedly jailed for failure to pay a fine. She WAS denied medical treatment even though she was in the worst condition possible when left on that concrete floor to die. SIGN HERE: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/631/454/055/woman-arrested-for-domestic-violence-dies-in-prison-due-to-guard-neglect/

    *Forgive the “domestic violence” this was not true – she is widowed, but once you create a petition (we had very little info when we created it other than medical help was denied) you cannot change the URL, but the content is as up to date as we can provide. I stand united with the #PoolFamily and we will not screaming until we are heard.

    Please donate if you can (Anything helps, including $5.00) as they just buried a sibling and this expense is too much for the family to bear so close to the other funeral.

    It is a sad society when we cannot care AS MUCH for someone 52, loved and non violent, as much as we can care for #CecilTheLion. Please help. Due the humanitarian thing.

    Gia Heller Howard
    Human Advocate

  42. Candi Evans

    “Please take this down” you say but you’re family and friends sure are jumping on the bandwagon to point fingers. Trying to ruin another womans life by calling her a murderer? NONE of you even have the facts on the cause of death. You’re taking the word of a couple other people also in jail, now that should be some good testimony in court.

  43. Candi Evans

    It’s the family who’s pointing fingers before any of the facts are in. If it was your family member who they were pointing their finger at claiming he/she treated her like crap while he/she was on duty, making a partition for people to sign to have your family member removed as a jail employee even calling your family member a murderer. And posting a picture of your family member who works at the jail would you still want compassion for them? They don’t even have the facts on the cause of death and they’re blaming a detention employee? If the family loved her so much they wouldn’t of done so much to cause her life to be such a mess. Can’t wait for the autopsy to come back.

  44. Rebekah Rachel Ann Pool

    Hopefully something like this to your family then maybe you’ll understand. Have a blessed day

  45. Nicole Venegas

    I wasn’t talking about one specific accusation. Before you chimed in, there were several posts on here with ridiculous “speculations” of what they thought happened. My post was in response to them… The pot stirrers… Nobody needs to guess or try to assume they know anything about what happened… That’s what the investigation is for… And surveillance footage… And eye witness reports. My point in the post was regardless of anyone’s feelings for the deceased or her family or the officer involved or the jail or county… It is a sad situation that nobody should have to go through. Ever. That is where my lack of compassion comment came from… Nobody has had time to process and grieve and people are trolling. And as far as her family causing her life to be such a mess.. Who are you to judge. She was a grown woman and made her own choices.

  46. Taylor N Tabitha Tahbo

    It’s a petition not a partition. Thanks for playing!

  47. Candi Evans

    Yes she made her own choices. Where was her family when she was in trouble over the years? People in this town know far more then you think ms Sarah.

  48. Ashlie Hall

    People in this town think they know far more and they don’t, who are you and why the fuck do you think you can go on talking about someone’s life and family as if you know anything about it or them. Justice will be served and then all you people who “know this, and know that” can go to hell

  49. Sarah Mayfield

    Her family was helping her , thank you very much . People say a lot of things , I don’t think I need to explain anything to you , so you’re better off just shutting up .

  50. Candi Evans

    the autopsy will show the cause of death. Shame on anyone blaming one person calling that person a murderer.

  51. Sarah Mayfield

    You done yet , nobody cares what you have to say , like I said BEFORE mind your own .

  52. Cheyenne Peeler

    Candi Evans for you to sit there and talk so much Shit about somebody you don’t even know Is rude and disrespectful, and for her daughters that have to read this is sad, you don’t know her you just know what was being said, so like Sarah said mind your own business and get on with your life. Have respect for the family they just lost somebody that they love. Rude ass anyways

  53. Monette Mayfield

    Candi if negligence was involved like the stories I’ve heard, then yes, it would be considered a murder. Doesn’t matter what the doggone autopsy shows, a life could have been saved if it wasn’t for the negligence that was being stated had happened. It would have taken 2 seconds to get her to a nurse to see what was wrong. Smh

  54. Rebekah Rachel Ann Pool

    Thank you to everyone that’s having my moms back. We will be doing another car wash tomorrow morning and selling plates of food Wednesday. Add me on Facebook if you would to buy a plate. God bless you all.

  55. Candi Evans- I do not know you or Bev.
    I do live here though. And I KNOW ALOT also btw.
    small town – people with BIG mouths! bottom line~
    Come on now. Some has passed away.
    Don’t be so hateful. Hell smile lady!

  56. someone*

  57. I have been told that the nurse is not there except on Fri. My question is, if you are having problems sitting up in a chair and wasn’t to coherent, I don’t believe there was ANYONE at the jail that was qualified MEDICALLY to diagnose her for anything. There for, nobody working at the jail had anyway of knowing if Bev could of fallen down and hit her head at some point earlier in the day. Or could of possibly taken or drank something that could of caused these reactions. Here is basically my point, WHY THE HELL WERE EMERGENCY SERVICES, you know THE EMTS called at anytime. Or put her into a patrol car and taken to Emergency Room. You cant tell me she was a high risk for escaping. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand this. And what about the comment about the witness in custody with her. Just because your in jail doesn’t mean you don’t tell the truth or can’t testify honestly. Back at you on the truth. There are so many cops out there that could tell the truth if they had to read it off a paper. That is something I have personally experienced myself. Ask Mrs Jones from Quartzsite about that. This should be very interesting in the end. Beverly was a wonderful person. I’ve know her since she started having her kids. She had her ups and downs thru her life. WE ALL HAVE. Again, I’m sorry, I don’t understand. RIP BEVERLY POOL IT WAS MY HONOR TO KNOW YOU. YOU SURE THE HELL DESERVED BETTER THEN YOU GOT in La Paz Co Jail. Till we meet again. To all her family, I am so sorry for your lose. You mom was awesome. And don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

  58. that should be COULDN’T tell the truth. Should of proof read better.

    One more thing, when the autopsy is done, hearing the condition she was in prior, even if she had a heart in her sleep. It was obvious, she was in distress BEFORE she passed. And at the defense of the one gal at the jail they are blaming this on. Please please keep in mind, SHE was NOT the only one on duty. And SHE should NOT be the only one investigated. I’m done.

  59. All issues aside. Thank You Parker Live for bringing all the news to the public good or bad. It is the people of this great countries absolute right to be informed. You are doing a wonderful job. I learn more here than anywhere around this area.

    R.I.P. Bev

  60. @Lahoma Jolene Kroger
    I came into this thread rather late and pray you are still lurking. Bev and your mom Jo Jo were very dear friends in childhood. I have searched the net trying to find her for a few years now with no avail.
    I hope your mom is ok and let her know that it would be great to hear from her again.

  61. I was their that night. I do recall she was kept in the cell for hours before she was removed. That is not a jail where things move quickly. Very unprofessional atmosphere.

  62. I was in that facility in custody at time a booking I was assaulted by guards and when I requested medical attention was denial to me another. An inmate Jesse die in there too and according to his cell mate he requested medical attention because he got family problems with wife and he need it help because he was thinking in taking his own life that night he witness when Jesse call tower. which he was ignore in the morning the guards found him death he hung him self. everyone that was in that pod was move in a hurry to another cell with out notice of what happen Jesse’s cell mate was release on O.R. the next day and he find out moth’s later that Jesse hung him self. You have to all know that there is not a doctor the doctor only get’s there once a month. exist a pattern of abuse of authority in that facility corruption hate discrimination

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