Boat runs ashore, operator may be charged

A boat was found grounded on Saturday morning at Patria Flats park by a Sheriff’s Deputy with the operator nowhere to be found at first.

According to law enforcement there was evidence that someone had been injured and that the operator had lost control, probably in the early morning hours, but nobody reported an accident and nobody was at the scene.

The Sheriff’s Office says the operator eventually returned to the boat and may now be charged with failure to report an accident, leaving the scene and reckless operation.


  1. Corey Lynn Nash

    I just seen this boat being towed by a tow truck

  2. Süd Schiller

    That person doesn’t deserve to own a boat that nice. Whatta dummy!

  3. Jerry Lessing

    Hes lucky no one was killed!

  4. Jerry Lessing

    There was an injury with this boat running aground.

  5. Read this on River Dave’s.

    “Remaining on scene only applies when there is someone or something else damaged by the collision/accident. And that’s to render aid and/or supply the other involved party with name, boat info, etc.”

    “Reporting is required within 48 hours when death or injury results, or 5 days for damage only.”

    “No other person, vessel, or property involved. No positive identification of operator. no harm, no foul.”

    “Nothing to see here, move along.”


  6. Come back later after you sober up. Then you can’t be charged with a DWI

  7. Clint Quadrozzi

    Idiots like that give the river a bad rap

  8. maybe he just didnt have an anchor handy

  9. Is it against the law to park your boat on the beach?

  10. Well, maybe we shouldn’t judge, we sure don’t know what happened. And if people are going to know the law and write about it, I hope they know Az. law and have passed the bar.

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