4 places to cool off this month

Nine months out of the year, Parker, AZ enjoys beautiful weather. But like other desert cities, it gets really hot here, and it doesn’t cool off until late September. River rats aren’t bothered by this; we love the cool water as a lifestyle and join the thousands of visitors to our own stretch of paradise on many summer weekends. But occasionally it’s necessary for locals to leave and cool off for a weekend somewhere else, too, especially after a few months of 100+ degree highs and a heatwave this week to boot.

So, where should locals head for cooler climes this month and next? Here are 4 typical answers, given by Parker Live readers. Which one is best?

Hualapai Mountains

Hualapai Mountain Park. Photo via Melissa Wright Photography
Hualapai Mountain Park. Photo via Melissa Wright Photography
Situated just 2 hours northeast of Parker near Kingman, AZ, the Hualapais are the closest cooling-off spot for Parker locals besides the river. The hiking, camping, picnicking and log cabins can make for a peaceful weekend. Highs now in the 80s.

Pro: Proximity. Con: Limited range of activities.

San Bernardino Mountains

Crestline, CA.
Spend a bit longer on the road – closer to 3 hours – and you can be in a much larger mountain range. Beginning at the other end of Highway 62, the San Bernardino Mountains include places like Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Crestline. For a break from the heat and stuff to do, the mountain towns have all you need. Highs now in the upper 70s.

Pro: Lots of activities. Con: A little longer in the car.

Flagstaff, Sedona and Prescott

Sedona, AZ.
Sedona, AZ.
These higher-altitude Arizona cities are safe havens for the heat-averse, with lots to do, lots to see and a western vibe. You’ll spend about 4 hours getting there (less for Prescott) and you’ll relax so much when you’re there you may forget to come home in time for work. Highs now in the 80s and 90s. Flagstaff is coolest, temp-wise.

Pro: Beautiful getaway. Con: 7000 feet can take getting used to.

The Coast

Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica, CA. Photo via Melissa Wright Photography
Temps really dip when you get close to the ocean. Parker people are beach people, and the coast isn’t far at around 4 hours’ drive. Leave after work on a Friday and be in San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Newport or Venice in time for a late dinner and a full weekend of fun. The perfect weather, soft sand and great surf make for a flawless summer weekend. Highs in the mid 70s.

Pros: Too many to mention. Con: A little more expensive.

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  1. Greg Parker

    Since when does the Gregorian calendar have 13 months?

  2. Parker Live Updates

    June is pretty great (especially in the evening!)

  3. Greg Parker

    Sorry but working outside for a living will do that to a person. I will admit that a summer here beats a Houston TX summer.

  4. I have been to Parker 4 or 5 times, traveling from the UK,I have to fly into Las Vegas,but trying to reach Parker by public transport is impossible, you can get to Havasu by shuttle and then you stuck, for such a popular destination you would think there would be some sort of link to Airports

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