DPS to investigate death in La Paz County jail


An investigation into a death in custody will be conducted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Beverly Pool was arrested on a warrant from Parker Magistrate Court at around 3:20pm on Friday, July 24th, 2015 by Parker Police Department. She was brought in to the La Paz County Detention Facility for booking, and accepted by the jail. She ate, showered and was placed into a holding cell for the night where she went to sleep, and at some point during the night, she died.

Parker Live spoke at length with Lieutenant Richard Epps, Assistant Commander of the La Paz County jail. Epps said the jail is taking this matter seriously and had conducted a preliminary review of the facts of Pool’s booking and her death. The Sheriff’s Office has asked that the Arizona Department of Public Safety conduct an independent investigation.

Epps said, “It’s important that the public know the investigation will be completely objective, one way or the other, so we’re asking DPS to look at it. That is something that we also do for other agencies.”

Some of Pool’s family members believe she died because the jail staff acted negligently, an allegation that originates with an apparent witness – an unnamed 18-year old woman who was in the cell with Pool. This account of events appeared online a few days after Pool’s death in a post by Gia Heller Howard, an Arizona woman describing herself as a ‘human advocate’.

According to Howard, the witness was being held at the same time on a drug charge in the same holding cell as Pool. Howard’s online petition claims that the unnamed woman saw Pool “falling out of her chair” without anyone helping her, and that she was left for hours without help until morning, when a Corporal Williams found her unresponsive.

In her petition, Howard claims that the 18-year old witness “requested immediate medical assistance for Beverly Pool during her jail time” at the facility. But nowhere in the statement she supplies – which is allegedly from the witness herself – does the witness describe attempting to get attention on behalf of Pool.

One of Pool’s children reached out to Parker Live to say that the family has been in contact with the witness, and that she was told Beverly “begged for help because she was having trouble breathing and she was ignored.”

Other details mentioned in Howard’s petition, ostensibly by the witness, are that the intake room is cold – “at least 65 degrees” – and that Pool had no blanket for a few hours.

Pool is survived by 8 children and her grandchildren, who have been raising money for a memorial. She was 54 years old. “We’re trying our best to raise money to give my mom the best funeral,” one of her daughters told Parker Live.

Lieutenant Epps said the Sheriff’s Office has a responsibility to protect the privacy of the parties involved, and is not free to release any specifics until the investigation is concluded.


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  1. Robert L Collinsworth

    Real nice of you to report these “facts” ParkerLive, considering zero members of your staff have bothered contacting this family.

    Evidently, you’re either getting all your “information” from other media sources, or the suspects themselves.

    Any answer to the validity of the rumor that the lead investigator, Steven Draper, telling the family that he’d have answers, then immediately going on a five day vacation?

  2. Gia Heller

    I did the best I could with the petition but I was working with limited information. I’m pretty easy to get a hold of and so is my witness. But it looks like they only went on the petition which is really honestly the only thing out there that has a different side of the story other than social media

  3. Gia Heller

    One other thing it says that my post about Beverly was a few days after her death but that is way untrue. It was almost a month later….

  4. Robert L Collinsworth

    Also. The belief that my mother in law died because of negligence did not originate from an 18 year old witness.

    It originated from other sources. Things like the condition she was in at arrest. Other officers talking about a woman having trouble breathing.

    Not to mention, common sense. People do not just die, like “whoops”. They get sick first. Death, unless traumatic one, is a slow process.

    Also, the fact that the sheriff investigator admitted to not taking a body core temperature at the scene, eliminating a chance for accurate time of death. This coupled with the condition of her body, rigor mortis setting in, bruising of the lowest portions (liver mortis), shows that she had not been checked on for hours.

  5. Robert L Collinsworth

    Ya. Sorry their “reporter” made a few mouse clicks, copied & pasted, and called it journalism.

  6. Robert L Collinsworth

    Bev died on the evening/morning of 24-25 July

  7. Gia Heller

    For me the fact that I have reached out to every news station including the major media outlets and told them I have access to the witness would you like to have access to the witness and that none of them have any interest in talking to the witness really makes me wonder

  8. Parker Live Updates

    There’s still an active investigation. We know the basics of the witness’s account and now what we need is patience as DPS does its job. Those looking for truth should be pleased that an independent investigation is being done.

  9. Gia Heller

    I am pleased!!!! I just want to be clear that I acted as quickly as I could and that the information is not 100% accurate in the petition it was the best I could do in a short period of time to get the attention that was needed and the family couldn’t get on their own apparently

  10. Gia Heller

    But if someone is going to use my name in an article I sure would feel better if they would’ve called me first 🙂 I could’ve provided witness testimony directly

  11. Terry Foss

    I thought they had nurses on duty at the jail, or did they disappear when the money from the federal inmates left!

  12. Karina Deann Cesena

    Omg. I love Bev. She was always so nice to me. I met her working at the food bank. I’m so sorry to hear that these accounts were her final hours on earth. May she rest in peace and truth will be delivered quickly for resolve for family members hearts!!! My condolences.

  13. Candi Evans

    Who ever took the detentions officers pic off her social media page to call her a murderer, did anyone ask her for her permission? Funny how people begin doing their own investigating and find out the names of those employed at a facility an search them up on social media to plant their photo on a petition and label that person before even getting the facts. KARMA is a bitch ain’t it.?

  14. Candi Evans

    Witnesses who were in custody on drug charges, real reliable witnesses for sure.

  15. How is the DPS investigating considered an independent investigation. Because they said it will be? What a joke. Leo’s investigating Leo’s, ever hear of the thin blue line? DPS also “investigated” Chief Jeff Gilbert and his asshole buddies here in Quartzsite, every single criminal cop got away with their crimes. My prediction is no paycheck or pension will be harmed. RIP, Miss Pool.

  16. Robert L Collinsworth

    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.
    If the cops won’t police themselves, it’s up to us to do it for them.

    Besides, Candi. If you want to keep something private. You don’t put it up on the public internet..

    As far as getting facts straight, you might want to guess again who put up the picture of your “three-chinned friend”.

    If you kill a mother of ten, you better develop thicker skin.

  17. Robert L Collinsworth

    Also Candi.
    Not to speak on Gia’s behalf. Bit I took her to mean, not to use media that she herself placed in a public forum. She meant it that she could relay a more accurate account.

    I would be more than willing to sit and listen to your friend’s side of the story. But right now it looks like your friend let an old woman die on a concrete floor on her watch. She ignored calls for help. This is what you want to be associated with?

  18. Candi Evans

    First of all I don’t know this detention officer. Second of all she didn’t kill anyone. You and your stupid games are labeling someone without having all the facts. You and your stupid little games have thousands of people signing a petition they know nothing about. You don’t take peoples photos off their personal social media page and label them something they’re not. You people are looking for a skape goat. You haven’t even got the facts of what the cause of death was. You’re listening to witnesses that were in jail for drug use, like their real reliable. You have NO facts at all only hear say. DPS will surly get the facts as law any law enforcement agency has trained investigators What do you even begin to know about investigations? You think people that work for a jail that had a terrible accident are going to sit and talk to you? That’s what investigators are for not wanna be’s. Petitions are for laying out the facts so people can decide for themselves what is right or wrong. Jump the gun and fill peoples head with stupid accusations and what does that make you feel like a super hero? People sign a petition just to get their name on something or to be able to make a comment about something they have no facts on because there hasn’t even been an investigation by the proper investigative staff.

  19. Candi Evans

    What would you expect they can’t even get the dates right. She created this petition for people to sign without allowing time for a proper investigation, and goes and labels someone a murderer. Nothing but a pot stirrer.

  20. Candi Evans

    I don’t believe every detention facility has a nurse on duty 24/7.

  21. From the La Paz county detention center site:

    Medical Services: Inmates incarcerated in the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Facility receive professional, efficient, and required medical treatment of physical illnesses, chemical dependencies, and psychiatric problems during their incarceration.

  22. Robert L Collinsworth

    Ok Honey-Hams, buckle yourself in. I’m going to give you a few lessons here that your father should have taught you. That’s assuming you knew who your father was.

    First off. I don’t give a fat frog’s ass if you know this civil servant, or not. Your standing by her like a loyal dog.

    Second of all. I never said that she acted by commission to kill my mother in law. I’m saying that her (or one of her colleagues) OMISSION of professional duty and just plain old human decency resulted in the death of a human being.

    Games? This ain’t a game, you insignificant twunt. This is the death of a member of my family. A game might be described as trolling on the internet in hunts you don’t have a dog in.

    Now I hate doing this, I REALLY hate throwing down the “vet card” in nonrelated subjects. But you’re a special case. Take a look around my profile, pay particular attention to the one titled ” Afghanistan “. There you will see pictures from my multiple tours in Afghanistan. When you finish that. Take a look around my wife’s (Bev’s daughter) albums. There you will see pictures of her multiple tours in Iraq as a combat medic. Did you know we lost a brother in law (father of my favorite niece) to an IED a week before his only child was born?

    I think this family knows a little bit of life experience and when game time is over. Game time IS over.

    The petition was started by Gia Heller before we met her. And I think God for her. This petition brought public scrutiny on an inept civil servant entrusted with the lives of people, who was being investigated by one of her coworkers.

    More life lessons. There is no such thing as “personal” in social media. And I never labeled anything.

    Scapegoat? Is that what you call assigning responsibility for a preventable death? Again, your parents failed at teaching you the concept of personal responsibility. The woman laid dead on a concrete floor for hours, after being in respiratory distress for hours before that.

    I know enough about the death to be VERY skeptical about their version.
    Hell, just look at this very story. They stated that she showered and ate before going to bed? Really? There are witnesses (including the arresting officer from another department) that saw the condition that Bev was in when arrested. Are you suggesting that she recovered long enough to eat and shower, then laid down and died peacefully in her sleep? If you do, you’re either a bigger idiot than I thought, or you’re a government loyalist on a level that would make the average Stalinite green with envy. My guess is it’s both.

    And honestly when you have two inmates whose eyewitness accounts line up EXACTLY when seperated against an organization who refuses to so much as release video footage. What would common sense (over government loyalty) tell you?

    You are aware of that correct? The SO has refused to release raw footage of the involved times and places. Video NEVER lies. So if someone is blocking the truth, what does that tell you about their agenda?

    Let’s look at these inmates motives. One has absolutely nothing to gain. In fact, very reliable word (from other sources) is that she took a beating for “snitching”.

    The other could probably cut a deal and get ALL charges dropped on a first offense if she simply stopped making waves.

    Use for head for something other than a truck stop sex toy.

    What do I know about investigations? Oh sweetie. If you only knew. I was in the Spera Valley in 2004. I received my Bronze Star for actions near a village called Mana. I returned there in 2006. Google it.

    As far as your attitude on petitions, I think you’ve established your opinion of the democratic process and republican civics. I’m curious why you haven’t moved to North Korea or China. You’d be a model citizen in those societies.

    But I do agree with you to a point. I don’t have a lot of faith in petitions at face value. You don’t hit a certain number and get a prize.

    What they do is out the government on notice that “x” amount of people are aware of shenanigans. And THAT has been accomplished by what Ms Heller started.

    Later Komrade.

  23. Robert L Collinsworth

    .. by all means … Puh-Lease … make another uniparagraph rambling response.

    The more comments this gets, the more publicity it gets. This is my objective

  24. Gia Heller

    Robert L Collinsworth for #president – I appreciate you sticking up for me. As I am 1000% completely unrelated to this case all I cared about was getting witness testimony to the family. Once I heard that there was already suspicion around the death I knew that we needed public scrutiny and started the petition. I knew that eventually there would be a lot of name-calling and I would be blamed for many things. the good news is I have never given a fuck less in my life about naysayers 🙂

  25. You know what else is suspicious? Larry Irwin. Isn’t he the jail commander? Why is he totally silent? Could it be that he plans on running for sheriff and doesn’t want his already tainted name and reputation dragged further down? Shit rolls down hill.

    Great response Robert. Keep holding their feet to the fire. Have you guys FOIA’d the video and were denied? If so, please post the reason they gave for refusing. If you haven’t filled out a Freedom of Information Act request yet, do it immediately.

    Justice will be served, but not without a struggle!

  26. Candi Evans

    So I’m the bad person for seeing the facts are not even in yet and not jumping to lable someone a murderer? I doubt I’m the only person in this town who sees what is wrong here.Guess I’m just one person who has the balls to stick up for others on here who isn’t a “murderer” that I don’t even know. It’s a tragic thing your mother inlaw died, and I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for your service to our country. The autopsy will show you what she died from. Your statement above just shows how uneducated you an Gia are ” I’m saying that her (or one of her colleagues) OMISSION of professional duty and just plain old human decency resulted in the death of a human being.” That right there is placing the total blame of her death on someone. If she was in such bad shape when she was broght in by the arresting officer maybe you should look into why she wasn’t taken to a hospital by that arresting officer prior to being taken to the jail. Have you looked into jail policy on recieving inmates? You’re looking for a skapegoat before all the investigative facts are even in. How does anyone know the temperature in the holding cell was 65 degrees? Did your so trustworthy witness have a temperature gauge? What prison facility in this country just hands over video footage of anything under investigation to the family of a victim when an investigation isn’t even completed? Can’t wait to see what the autopsy results are as well as DPS’s investigation. You’re so right video don’t lie.

  27. It is a very unfortunate thing that happened here. I have lived in and out of the Parker/Quartzsite/Lake Havasu area for most of my life. I know some of the cops in the area and they have always been helpful and courteous to me, real professionals. The fact they have DPS coming in and doing the investigation shows the sheriff’s office is open and willing to do what is right.
    I feel bad that the girls lost their mother, it is very sad. But for you Robert C to act the way you are makes it very ugly. You sit back on the web and badger and belittle people like some internet tough guy. It quite frankly puts a dark shadow over your service for this country. NO discipline just pure knee jerk reactions. You have hearsay facts and spew lies all over the place. You make ugly comments on the appearance of officer on duty that night. I understand you maybe angry but I think you’re just an angry person who dislikes cops in the first place. What did you do that makes you so angry? I think I can find our.
    Gia, you are a liar. Your petition is a farce along with your posts. You don’t even know what day she past.
    Mike Roth are you the one on Desert Freedom Press who hides behind his wife’s Facebook account? A real internet Tough Guy. You and Robert need to hook up and you can be his vice president. What a JOKE.
    Again, my condolences to the girls.

  28. Cynthia Clark

    How sad this happened, prayers to the family. Prayers to those investigating this sad event. Please let the investigators finish doing their job. This confrontational posing isn’t going to bring this woman back and is only going to spread hate. The truth will come out just let things take their course.

  29. Who ever is the one that began calling a detention officer a murderer should be ashamed of themselves. I saw the petetion going around and saw someone post a photo of said detention officer from her fb page. That is uncalled for. It’s very sad this woman died while in custody. It’s even sadder that fingers have started being pointed without a complete investigation being done. I’m not sure I would trust anything another inmate had to testify to but let’s leave believeing them up to the experts. All this bickering back and forth isn’t going to bring her back. Once the investigators view the video and interview all involved the truth will come out. I hope those who have done nothing but bad mouth those involved are big enough to post an apology to those they have bad mouthed when this is all done and over with and the truth comes out. Prayers to the family and those investigating this matter.

  30. Robert L Collinsworth

    Again Brainiac. I’m not labeling her a murderer. Murder requires malice, aforethought and COMMISSION.

    What I am saying (and I know you heard because you just mentioned in in your most recent uniparagraph reply) is this. Her (or one of her colleagues) OMISSION (as opposed to COMMISSION) of professional duty and just plain old human decency resulted in the death of a human being.

    If she was in such bad shape at arrest or booking, why wasn’t she taken to the hospital? No kidding!? What do you think is our family’s number one question, Mister Wizard?

    Other questions.

    -Why wasn’t she assessed at the facility?
    Why was she laying there long enough for rigor mortis to set in?
    -If rigor mortis hadn’t set in, why was she not provided resuscitative care. This is required unless pronounced dead by an MD or obvious sign of death is present (decomposition, decapitation, RIGOR MORTIS). We’ve seen her body. Her head was still attached.
    -Why was a body core temperature not taken? This would have established a time of death accurate to within a quarter hour. Was that bit of truth “inconvenient” to the investigator? It’s too late now, she’s already been put in a freezer and an autopsy won’t show it.
    Why did the investigator promise to get right on this, then subsequently go on a five day vacation?

    All the above are questions, suspicious questions that get brought without the element of human subjectivity.

    Then there are more questions brought up after talking to witnesses and their attorneys.

    How are the versions of both of those cell mates lining up PERFECTLY even though they were immediately seperated after the discovery of my mother in law, further seperated after two days geographically (one out free, the other back in STATE prison).

    Did the inmates have a “temperature gauge (it’s called a thermometer, Einstein)? No. Notice how it’s a rounded number. Nobody said it was 63 or 68. But you ever sleep in a room that is 75 degrees? 70 degrees? 65 degrees? You know the difference. If you don’t, you’ve reached another level of idiocy.

    Besides, the civil servants are walking around in polyester uniforms. Think their employee union is going to let them break a sweat?

    Look at the shape your friend is in. Fat people generate heat. How long do you think that tub of guts would last working while wearing a poly/wool blend shirt, shank vest and long pants in an 80 degree environment?

    I’m not looking for a scapegoat (not “skapegoat”, dumb twat) I’m looking someone to take responsibility.

    What prison hands over footage? Ever hear of the Freedom of Information Act? Google it.

    Sweetie, this ain’t stopping at DPS. This is getting pushed to feds, DOJ Mark my words here.

    But see here is the difference between you and I.

    I want the truth, as convenient or inconvenient as it may be. Then I want to see actions and policy changes that ensure that this doesn’t happen to somebody else’s mother, or son, father ,etc.

    Let’s say that the truth comes out and everything is as you say it is. Then you’re happy and, more importantly, I am happy.

    But let’s say we find lies and coverups. Then I’m happy, but you get your pantaloons in a bunch and beat your dog.

    No matter what, I stand a better chance of being happy than you do.

    Unfortunately, short of me being greenlighted to be left alone with CPL Williams and a bucket of water, I don’t see the truth really coming out.

    You said something that really peaked my curiosity. “I doubt I’m the only person in this town who sees something wrong”. Your profile says you’re in Oklahoma. Are we dealing with a ghost on a fake profile?

  31. Parker Live Updates

    Robert- Will you please edit your comment to remove the insults and name-calling? And I’d ask everyone to please be respectful as you make your comments. The fact that it’s an emotional subject isn’t an excuse. Thank you.

  32. You’re right Cynthia there is no need for anyone calling another person a murderer. Cisco I agree with you this man is very angry and I’m not saying he don’t have the right to be as anyone who lost a loved one in jail would be. THAT don’t give anyone the right to spread lies and call anyone a murderer. They don’t even know the condition of her health at the time of arrest. And if she was all bruised up on her lower half of her body the arresting officer would of taken her to the hospital at the request of the jail for clearance before being booked. Something here just don’t add up. I don’t know any of the employees in Parker Jail. I do know people who have been in that jail for mistakes they made during their lives and they have never said anything bad about that jail. They’ve learned their lessons and had nothing but respect for the officers in that facility. The truth will come out and then all this can stop.

  33. Robert L Collinsworth

    Sorry Champ. Ain’t happening.

    1. This is my masterpiece of Internet tirades. You’d have better luck asking da Vinci to cover up Mona Lisa’s cleavage.

    2. If some Asberger shut-in decides to try sticking up for her friend (or herself?) in a forum of people demanding accountability, if she wants to throw strawmen (I never called anyone a murderer) to the same, she should grow thicker skin. I would expect the same treatment if I took my grieve noes to PoliceOne or CorrectionsOne.

    Anyone that I care to impress has seen my masterpiece. I’ve also saved screenshots.

    You can delete it and/or ban me. It’s not like I check out the weather in Parker or care who is speaking at the Lion’s or Rotary clubs there under normal conditions.

    Curious though. As a journalist. Why aren’t you putting those very questions that I listed above to your local sheriff?

  34. Parker Live Updates

    Robert- Yes, you’ll be deleted and/or banned if you continue to abuse others on this page. Simple (and that goes for everyone equally). I haven’t done so yet because I think you’re having an important conversation and I don’t want to stifle question-asking and issue-raising. But you’re kind of forcing my hand.

    With regards your last question about asking questions of law enforcement: I have asked many of those questions and was satisfied with the answer for now, which is that the Sheriff’s Office is very keen to tell their side of this but can’t comment publicly until the completion of the investigation. You and I are not bound by the same ethical and procedural obligations that they are, so one side of the story is getting a lot of attention right now, theirs less so. For that reason, my advice hasn’t changed: wait for the DPS report and lodge your inevitable objections to it then.

    Meantime, keep it civil in our house, please?

  35. Robert L Collinsworth

    So your interview went something like this.

    Sheriff Rep: “She ate, showered and was placed into a holding cell for the night where she went to sleep, and at some point during the night, she died.”

    PL: Excuse me, Constable. How does a woman who was not able to so much as sit up in a chair on her own (as stated by witnesses, both inside and outside of the jail) able to eat and shower? Did she suddenly make a recovery as she went about her sustenance and hygiene duties, before bidding every one a good night and laying down and dying “peacefully in her sleep?”

    Sheriff Rep: *cough* cough * COUGH * We cannot comment on that right now due to ongoing investigations.

    PL : Good answer!

  36. Robert L Collinsworth

    How about this.

    Do you mind asking if they need the family to take $13 out of Bev’s funeral fund, so we can charge the county’s Walmart card? They can use it to buy a digital meat thermometer.

  37. Robert L Collinsworth

    We wonder why local governments and police forces are out of control?

    Look at the standard our Fourth Estate holds them to. I would take more heat from the media if my neighbor’s security cam captured me backing over their kitten.

  38. Cisco,
    I’m not hiding behind anyone. I don’t Facebook but my wife does so I use “our” account. Why do you and Jennifer Jones have a problem with that, tough guy?

    My experience with La Paz County Leo’s is vastly different than yours. Google Jeff Gilbert Quartzsite for starters. So yeah, I automatically discount what a cop in this county says, especially Larry Irwin and John Drum. And I let them know every time they screw up, unlike most who cower. If that makes me a joke in your book, says more about you than me.

    Robert, you’re over the target that’s why you’re attracting the flak, but you know this already. Keep up the good fight!

  39. Parker Live Updates

    Or perhaps we think that waiting for the matter to be investigated by an independent agency is a pretty reasonable answer.

  40. Parker Live Updates

    Or perhaps we think that waiting for the matter to be investigated by an independent agency is a pretty reasonable answer.

  41. Robert L Collinsworth

    Did anyone wait for an investigation to be concluded before reporting about a dentist shooting a lion?

    No. That manscaped, suburban-dwelling beamer jockey shot that pussy cat. Print!

    … and like I said. Their statement that a woman bordering on unconsciousness suddenly able to shower and eat, raised no further questions from you.?

    That’s your stance.

  42. Robert L Collinsworth

    Don’t get me wrong. I do see your side. If you start being a pain in the ass to your higher powers in town, you don’t get invited to take picture at the police man’s ball or cover any election campaign activities. I do understand

  43. @ robert (my family member). Keep up the great posts in truth. Damage control from the opposition comes in any forum.

  44. from what i have seen from this thread, there are many who seek answers legitimatly and one who trolls the thread in oppositon. this individual seems to spend all its time making posts in almost every forum with attitude. I realize this individual does not have a life and this is the best thing going for it. May we all pray together that this person seek solice in something other than tearing others down during their times of suffering.

  45. Cisco.
    Sorry that I didn’t respond to you quicker. Your rant didn’t show up in the Facebook comments, where I made them.

    So check this out.
    You “think” you know why I have a problem with unchecked authority? I take it, insinuating that in have some kind of record.

    Ok hero. I’ll play your little game. 30 years of military service. 18 in the special operations community where I maintained secret and top secret clearances where anything like a public intoxication or unpaid traffic violation would result in revocation of my clearance and loss of my job. Most of those years were in armpits that would make Parker look like Vegas. Three of them in armpits where people were shooting at me.

    Predictable move trying to use my service against me. Too bad EVERY LAST ONE of those whom I served with (many now in law enforcement themselves) is 100% behind me in this mission. Some have even given me advice and points of contact.

    I do find it ironic that a guy teetering on his high horse crying about waiting for all the facts, loaded his post with a lot of assumptions.

    The only guy who says this is putting a blight on my service is YOU, a guy whose greatest sacrifice was surviving surviving the great Parker roof shortage of the mid 2000s. (See that is an assumption like you made earlier regarding my interactions with law enforcement)

    Save it for your chickenhawk forums.

    Lastly, regarding my comments on the appearance and fitness of CPL Williams. I admit it. I hate fat cops. I also hate fat soldiers. They are hired to do a job. They cannot do that job when they are fat. Yet I still have to pay them.

  46. Everyone. I aplogize if I missed a few of your posts until now. I was making all of my posts in facebook. If you didn’t reply there, I didn’t see it. JN , Michael Roth. Thank you for the props and support.

    I missed one of your posts. You asked why didn’t the arresting officer report the “bruising” on Bev’s “lower half”.

    I’m actually suffering secondhand embarrassment for you here, because I explained it well the first time. The “bruising” is called Livor Mortis.

    There are 7 stages to decomposition when an animal (including you and I) die. Livor Mortis is the fourth stage after Palor mortis (paleness), algor mortis (cooling), rigor mortis (stiffening).

    What happens is blood goes to the lowest part of the body. This isn’t the “lower extremities” unless you die standing up and remain so. If you die on your back the blood pools in your back, die face down, do you get the drift?

    After that blood pools, it coagulates and turns dark. Hence the “bruising” and “marbling”.

    So in short. The arresting officer did one the livor mortis because SHE WASN’T FRIKKING DEAD YET.

    Normally I make $50 an hour teaching things to people. This one I give you for free.

  47. Michael.

    Respectfully. Prior to this affecting my family, I cared about as much about politics in Parker, Arizona as I did for what happened in any small village in the Horn of Africa.

  48. Cynthia Clark

    Does anyone know what the witness was in custody for?

  49. Candi Evans

    Coming off of either meth or heroin.

  50. Robert L Collinsworth


    She was arrested on a warrant for an unpaid fine.

    Candi Evans
    Wow. For someone who makes a livelihood out of policing everyone else’s jumps to conclusions, you sure did make a leap there, Hotpants.

    1. I just told Cynthia what she was in jail for.

    2. She indulged in neither drug.

    3. Even if she had indulged, withdrawals from neither is fatal. Heroin may make somebody FEEL like they are dying. But it won’t kill you in and of itself. The only drug that will kill you coming off cold turkey, can be bought at almost any corner. It’s called alcohol.

  51. Robert L Collinsworth

    Pretty reliable considering their stories line up exactly, even though they’ve had no contact with each other since all this happened

  52. In today’s news Law Enforcement investigated itself and found it did nothing wrong!!!

    Situation normal again, back to protecting and serving the living shit out of you.

  53. Robert L Collinsworth

    My apologies. I thought you asked what Bev was incarcerated for. Apologies.

    It’s not my place to air other people’s dirty laundry in public when it hasn’t resulted in injury to me or those I care for.

    But one was in jail for having something that would probably only get you a citation in most states and is completely legal in a few others.

    The other was a state prisoner that had been transferred to this jail to face local charges.

    What is really interesting is that after all of this went down, all of her local charges were dropped and she was immediately put back into the “blackhole” of the state system.

  54. Cynthia Clark

    I think you owe the apoligies to
    Candi as she wasn’t refering to Bev. I’ve learned people in jail will say anything to get what they want. Wouldn’t depend on the testimony of anyone with a record.

  55. Cynthia Clark

    You know for a fact they haven’t had any contact at all? Don’t bet your last dollar on that. You do know they spend time outside each day in the inmate outside area right?

  56. Robert L Collinsworth

    Considering one is incarcerated in state prison, and the other is free on bond, what would be your guess?

    You do know that visitors to state prisoners, both in person visits and phonecalls, are logged, didn’t you?

    Do you still want to stand by your claim?

  57. Robert L Collinsworth

    I owe her an apology for her ASSumption?

    Are you aware that “coming off” any drug is not illegal?

    How do you suppose an already incarcerated person got on drugs in the first place in order to “come off”? Do you suppose it’s conceivable that the justice system is flawed after all?

    Would I take the word of a convict? Depends on the circumstances and what the person is incarcerated for. Are they incarcerated for perjury or obstruction?

    Why do you suppose their stories are lining up almost identical?

  58. Robert L Collinsworth

    Also realize that if an inmate wanted to lie for their own benefit, don’t you suppose it would be to their benefit to postulate a lie that would benefit the party that was in a position to give them something g they want? ie their freedom.

    Or are you suggesting there has been a promise of quid pro quo from this family?

  59. Candi Evans

    Were the two witnesses still in La Paz jail from the time Bev was brought in till they found her deceased?

  60. Candi,
    Why would they need to get their story straight? Are they accused of doing something wrong?

    Maybe they saw what they saw and felt they should tell someone about it.

    You do know cops lie too, don’t you? In my town former Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert had no qualms about purjuring himself while on the witness stand, because he knew the jury box was usually full of cop lovers like yourself. (Badge and gun = pure awesomeness)

    And another thing, the war on drugs is a complete scam. Your name calling someone for putting something in their body when there is no victim, then taking them to task for doing the right thing at just the time the right thing needs to done, shows how brainwashed you are for police state Amerika.

    You should lose your internet license for not thinking critically! Or maybe you could move to Quartzsite and run for Town Council. I bet you’d win in a landslide!

  61. Never mind, I see John is getting heat from his boss, who is best buddy with Sheriff Drum. I dream of a time when there is media with courage in LaPaz County.

  62. Ah Roth. Your conspiracy theories always make me smile.

  63. John,
    You never disappoint.

    It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true

  64. There is a lot to blame here. But why not blame the facts. The jail is very understaffed and the staff can only do so much. Bev was my sister and i am fully aware of her past, both pro and con. It does hurt beyond belief that she died. But I remain objective until the autopsy reports and DPS investigation come in.

  65. like those that were there that night, I recall she was left in her cell for hours without being attended too. That is a jail u do not want to get stuck in, they are Walmart employees that have become Police. Really???

  66. Looking back, it seems a lot of people had a lot to say about things they didn’t know about… I see someone got the last laugh… hum was it the FAT CPL everyone was talking about or the family specifically Robert L Collinsworth ????? Well wish I knew how this story ended but I can ASSume that since whoever that female was isn’t sitting in jail because no one ever said another word of it… hummm makes you wonder.

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