Fire at Riverview RV Park

UPDATE: Parker Fire and Buckskin Fire also attended, according to members of the public.

Photo via Robert McC. Others by Parker Live.

A fire broke out at Riverview RV Park just north of the main intersection in Earp, CA around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday. CRIT Fire attended the scene, along with River Medical and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. No confirmation on which structures were burned or if any injuries were reported.

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  1. Lee Olsen

    Wow! News within the hour. Love Parker live.

  2. Amanda Romero

    It looked like a couple of trailers are a loss. It looked like someone tried to burn brush and wood, and it spread to the oleander bushes and trailera

  3. Jewel Crespo

    Sherry Marie Sablan you don’t live at this park right?

  4. Sherry Marie Sablan

    No …I’m at Bermuda Palms. I just heard about this. Thx

  5. Kayla Anderson

    What about Parker fire and Buckskin fire?! Majority of the trucks there were Parker fire!

  6. Denise Vest

    Thank you John Nash for going to our place to make sure our home was okay.

  7. Parker Live Updates

    Our source didn’t see them, but they may have been on the other side.

  8. Kayla Anderson

    Parker fire had four trucks there. Which included 2 water tenders. Buckskin fire was on the opposite side of them.

  9. there is at lest six travel trailers burned

  10. the first on secne was san beradino county fire station 17

  11. James B. Price

    Are they trying to keep up with CA.

  12. John Nash

    I saw Parker fire there. It was an awesome team of All the Departments.

  13. Any updates on damage?

  14. four travel trailers

  15. I know at least two are a total loss for sure. One belonging to my grandparents. And another one, next door, belonging to my uncle and aunt. So grateful all made it to safety, and nobody got hurt. But they are a total loss. They were full time residents, everything they owned was there. Apparently it was a fridge at a neighboring space that caught fire and spread rapidly.

  16. Thank you Ryan Guy for that update of fact, and yes , so glad they made it out safely. Your grand parents are wonderful people. I just love them.

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