Work at Desert Bar road and Highway 95 begins Monday


The Arizona Department of Transportation will start a new project next Monday, August 10th, to improve the intersection of State Route 95 and Cienega Springs Road approximately four miles north of Parker.

The $1.9 million project includes widening the roadway to install a center turn-lane, new pavement and irrigation improvements. The intersection can become very busy, especially on winter weekends as traffic uses Cienega Springs Road to get to and from the popular Desert Bar, also known as the Nellie E. Saloon. The need for a turn-lane has been noted, with accidents more likely in the area.

Crews are scheduled to work Mondays through Thursdays between 5 a.m. and 2 p.m. One-lane restrictions will be in place and flaggers will be used at times to alternate traffic through the work zone during work hours.

Drivers should prepare for possible delays of up to 15 minutes as reduced speed limits will be in effect. Law enforcement will be on-site to assist with traffic control. ADOT says no work will be scheduled to take place on weekends or holidays. A possible alternative route during peak traffic would be Business-95 / Riverside Drive from the intersection with SR-95 to Resort Drive near Fox’s Pier Point Landing or to Golf Course Drive.

The winning bid for the project was by Meadow Valley Contractors, Inc., a company known for its work in the Phoenix and Las Vegas metropolitan areas. The work on this project includes roadway excavation, constructing embankment, furnishing and placing asphaltic concrete and asphaltic concrete friction course, removing and installing guardrail, installing down-drains, placing riprap, pavement marking, signaling, and related work. The total cost will be $1,926.420,70.

The project is anticipated to be completed in January 2016, according to signs near the site.


  1. Wendy Wynkoop

    We have needed this for a long time, glad to c it finally happening.

  2. Jane Kendall

    Yes, we’ve needed this for a very long time. Now if someone would grade the dirt road to desert bar.

  3. Barbara Patterson

    Monsoon rain will wash it out again. Scary road & though it is only 5 miles it takes forever to get there.

  4. gotta make sure that the drunks can get drunk safely.

  5. Lena Carrasco

    My brother died at that turn off 4 years ago. I am so thankful they are finally doing something about that turn off. Getting to the bar should not cost lives.

  6. Steve Ziegler

    Lol….finally!!! It was approved over a year and half ago.

  7. Marilyn Capel

    Such bs why are tax payers funding this…they made us beg to dredge the launch ramp for 1900.oo…desert bar should paying for this..they make plenty of money …could this be a pay off for all those donations by Ken to obama

  8. Parker Live Updates

    Both Highway 95 and Cienega Springs Rd are public roads and part of the public infrastructure.

  9. Marilyn Capel

    I understand that..but there are many roads like this …this one benefits the desert bar..period plain and simple.

    Not needed to upgrade if not for the traffic caused by the desert bar

  10. Marilyn Capel

    As Parker Live you should be looking after all of the people living here..this is a waste of money benefiting a bar.
    Plane and simple

  11. Marilyn Capel

    I want you to know I really enjoy your site…and thank you for being a conduit of communication

  12. Lena Carrasco

    Those who have lost family because of that highway do not think it is a waste of money to make that turn off safer. It’s not just for the bar. It is also a riding spot and shooting range.

  13. Tony Washbon

    You bitches deleted my comments…. Pussys

  14. Parker Live Updates

    I think all traffic will be safer, not just the traffic turning to go to the Desert Bar.

  15. Marilyn Capel

    I too shoot there…sorry but have never had an issue…never

  16. Marilyn Capel

    Lena Carrasco I am sorry for your loss and understand your point of view…however if you could go back I time and not have that bar there and the traffic that comes with it…would it have changed your life?

  17. George Miller

    Huge riding spot and the bar pays tax to LA paz not like they are getting a freebie. Lots of people take their children out there to learn to ride think about the families. Nothing wrong with being safe.

  18. Marilyn Capel

    On the drinks land is homesteaded…sorry but I love to shoot and ride out there and have never had an issue …don’t go out there on weekends because of the mess of traffic caused by the desert bar…like I said without that bar that turn out would be just fine and not need a 2 million dollar upgrade..I think our city could use that money better

  19. Candi Evans

    If you think it’s such a waste of money then don’t use it!!!!!!!!!!!! Maye you’ve never had any issues there but many others have. And not just to get to the bar. I know a few people who were killed out there just to go off roading and shooting, they never even went to the bar. Again if you don’t like what they’re doing then don’t use the darn turn off.

  20. Marilyn Capel

    It’s a free country I pay my taxes…I will use it I just see the need for a 2 million dollar upgrade….perhaps your friends should not consider using it based on the bad fortune that has befallen you..I sure as heck would stay away if I had you expirence

  21. Marilyn Capel

    *Don’t see the need for the upgrade

  22. Steve Ziegler

    Marilyn, you obviously don’t understand much about how the government has a duty to protect the citizens that use the roads in any state. If accidents occur, which in this case has led to multiple deaths, it’s their duty to make corrections so these types of things don’t occur again.
    A recent change was made at the light to Blue Water casino to prevent another deadly accident there as well, so for you to complain about something that is being done to save lives just tells all of us that you’re an idiot.

  23. Marilyn Capel

    Hey Steve that’s un called for…but easy to do on line big man…

  24. Marilyn Capel

    Oh and your a public works supervisor…you on the take too

  25. Bill Kean

    Steve Ziegler. I would think as one who holds a position such as yours, you would refrain from name calling.

    Were there actual studies done as to how to make this a safer turn off? Or was this typical “Parker engineering”? As the public works supervisor. I’m sure you did your due diligence when I came to this, and could easily put any concerns to rest.

  26. Bill Kean

    And to add another point of view to your statement Steve. Many and I mean MANY things are done under the umbrella of “safety” in order to get approval or pull at the publics heart strings. You might have your heart in the right place. But let’s be real here. A $2 million upgrade to a road that serves a bar a shooting area and a place to go off reading doesn’t exactly scream safety being priority number one. Does it?

  27. Marilyn,
    I apologize for the name calling but let me clear up some things:
    – This is an ADOT project.
    – La Paz County may have been a part of the decision but the Town of Parker did not. It’s a county road that’s at the intersection.
    – The bar owner has nothing at all to do with it.
    – All government agencies conduct traffic studies on their various highways, streets, roads etc. When multiple accidents and deaths occur at the same locations then these studies are conducted. If these locations can be reengineered to make them safer for all of the motorists then that agency puts it on a list of proposed projects. Those agencies them go over each and every project thoroughly before a decision is made and in some cases public hearings are held to get the publics thoughts. In this case, and perhaps the case of the light at Blue Water Casino, I’m sure the decision was simple, multiple accidents that resulted in several fatalities and serious injuries has to be addressed.

    If there was a an actual church at the end of that road would that make it any different?

  28. Candi Evans

    Marilyn I don’t appreciate your comment about how my friends shouldn’t use it, I’ve lost friends at that turn and it wasn’t any fault of their driving. Too many people have died there. If it bothers you or others so much then don’t use it. This tax payer is glad it’s going in.

  29. I have to agree with Marilyn. that 2 million dollars can be better spent. I go hiking there all the time. I don’t
    see anything wrong with the highway. as far as the dirt road going to nellies bar…I get a smell of politics.
    who ever ok’d that money to spent that way should be fired. I’m sorry for the lives lost on 95 but you can’t
    put turn lanes at every driveway. people need to pay attention on all roads. they are dangerous.

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