Upriver resident dies, law enforcement investigates


A report of gunfire and suspicious activity led to an investigation of the death of an upriver resident over the weekend.

In the evening hours of Sunday, August 2nd, 2015, deputies from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence in Cienega Springs north of Parker in regards to a possible suspicious death. Upon arrival, the emergency responders located Deborah Helen McGuire outside of her residence, near the back door. McGuire appeared to have been outside for several hours and was pronounced deceased by paramedics.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene and conducted a thorough investigation which included crime scene processing and interviews of witnesses. The investigation is ongoing, however detectives do not believe that there are any other suspects involved in this matter.

Next of kin have been notified and an autopsy is scheduled for today.


  1. Brittney Spielman

    Christine Bennett we leave & this happens

  2. Donna Roper

    R.I.P. Debbie. How sad.

  3. Mona Reyna Duran

    Oh may goodness. So sorry to hear that. Prayers for Deb’s family

  4. Andy Kiss

    How sad and sorry to hear that.

  5. Pat Ng

    Debbie had a good heart.

  6. I live a few houses up from Debbie and one of my neighbors is who found her. None of my neighbors have mentioned anything about any reports of gunfire, supposedly she was shot but no one said anything about hearing any gun fire

  7. that’s one way to get out of the heat

  8. Penny Lynn

    She was my good friend of 25 years.. wtf happened? Anyone know how to get a hold of her son Chris ???

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