Viewfinder: A stormy day

Photo via Mary Hamilton
Photo via Mary Hamilton

A storm passed through the Parker area between around 2:40pm and 3:15pm Thursday, with the potential for more weather on the way later in the afternoon. The town of Quartzsite and Bouse were also hit pretty hard. The weather brought a significant decrease in temps, more than 20 degrees in the center of the storm. Keep up with the weather at Parker Live.

Photo via Greg Parker
Photo via Greg Parker


  1. Aaron Bond

    now if only it would stay cool today. that’d be nice, i ihave a few projects im working on at home

  2. Amanda Romero

    Worst monsoon season ever.

  3. Karen Murch

    This storm looks like it’s coming towards Needles.

  4. Wayne Miller

    Correction: dust blew through Parker and again the storm went around us.

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