Man arrested after fight

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The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office made a tactical entry into a home in the Lakeside 5 area north of Parker on Sunday evening.

The incident began on Saturday when Kevin Foran allegedly left his home to visit a family member a few houses down on Treasure Road, accusing him of breaking into his house. He allegedly struck the family member with a piece of lumber, and a third man retaliated. A 911 call was made from the residence and Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Rosado responded, calling DPS and PPD for backup.

A handgun was brought into the fight and there was a scuffle which was broken up by the girlfriend of one of the men, who reportedly broke it up by hitting the suspect with a two-by-six piece of wood.

The suspect left the home before police arrived and allegedly went and hid under his own trailer. Because he had been hit on the head, police made entry and searched for him at his home, but could not locate him.


The following day, the Sheriff’s Department arrived to arrest Foran, and found the suspect barricaded in his home. According to Deputy Rosado they tried to ‘talk him out’ for around 20 minutes and eventually made a forced tactical entry.

Foran was arrested on assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, interfering with criminal proceedings and related charges. An female involved on Saturday was also taken into jail for an active warrant and for driving on a suspended license.


  1. Robert McCormick

    Sad when family steals from family and cops have to sort it out bet now that he is in jail they will steal the rest of his stuff thieves are the problem on lake side 5 drugs are a expensive habit very sad

  2. The whole group of them here on Lakeside 5 have been taking water and power illeaglly from unoccupied homes up here, I don’t know where they came from but they need to go back, don’t know if they are squatters or what, no one works and it is obvious that drugs are involved. Lets stand strong in Lakeside 5 and get these people out of our neighborhood, call the SO everytime you see something suspicious.

  3. Barbara Babb

    Wow! Lakeside sure has changed since I grew up there!

  4. Absolutely agree with Rhea! They approached me a week or so ago and tryed to give me the whole sad story ……yada yada. I gave them some water and 15 dollars. I don’t like to see anyone struggle. And I asked him what they were doing here. He said it was his brothers place and they were just staying for awhile. In the last week alone I’ve seen at least four scallywag looking tweakers hanging out there. Another neighbor and I have seen them going into the yards of the vacant house next to us……creeping around. I finally told “him” that the next time his girlfriend goes tearing up the street in her expedtion we are going to have SERIOUS problems. Can’t have that when there are at least half a dozen kiids that live on this street!!! I work hard and I shouldn’t have to lock everything up and hide my landscaping trailer/equipment to keep my gas and other things from coming up missing!!! #takebacklakeside5

  5. Keep your doors locked. Your guns loaded and a vigilant eye out for suspicious people in our neighborhood. If you don’t know them or never seen them around here before, call the S.O. I appreciate my neighbors and we look out for one another!!!

  6. Raelee Cornelius

    Diane Wolfe. Not who you were thinking

  7. Diane Wolfe

    Ok good I dont know your friends but I do know you knew people that way

  8. Eddie Rowland

    Been there , done that WTF

  9. Roberta McCormick

    This is in answer to Robert McCormick–who, by the way, is not related—-
    The story does not say that one family member stole from another–only that he was suspected by Mr. Foran. Mr. Foran is known for being a problem, and has been in and out of jail for years. The other family members have not been. All I have to say to Mr. McCormick is, please don’t comment on things that you don’t know about.

  10. To all you folks who say call the cops

    Be careful what you wish for

    You might just get what you want

    Don’t be a cop caller, you might not like the government you’re payn for

  11. One more for good measure

    Learn how to live with wild cop callers

    In a Stasi See Something Say Something Society……

  12. Can’t resist
    Fight for Liberty

  13. Candi Evans

    Not sure if these people own these homes or not. If not, it’s a shame home owners let such shady people rent their homes. Home owners need to do background checks on renters, help keep riff raff out.

  14. I think that the courts allow the government to take over our lives. They plant microchips in us and we all become servants to the County Government. Those who don’t stand up and fight for what is our rights will become zombies. That’s why I am nominating Michael Roth for President. He is so level headed and not paranoid he would do all mankind proud.

    Candi Roth is not stupid. He wound up in court. But it was the corruption that got him there. He is a great guy with tons of positive things to say. I love to read his posts. He never puts anyone down and gets along with people, even when you do not agree with him. (NOT)

    Again……………………..ROTH FOR PRESIDENT……………………………..

  15. Thanks
    But on principle I have to refuse your nomination.

    I’ve got bigger fish to fry Mr. Fake Keyboard Warrior

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