Man who spray-painted landmark rock may be about to hear from law enforcement

Bob Garland apologizes on Parker Live – see below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.34.34 AM

A photo circulating online since last night seems to implicate a Corona, CA man in an act of vandalism on the Parker Strip.

The photo was posted to a public Facebook group called ’10 Ways You Know You Grew Up/Live In Corona, CA!’, identifying him by name as a 60-year old Corona resident. The post says his name is Bob Garland, and claims that he posted the photo to his own Facebook page.

The spray-painted words say ‘IDIOT ROCK’, the name colloquially given to the area on the Parker Strip where people jump off into the river near Sundance Saloon.

Parker Live has learned that complaints have already been received by the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and they are currently dispatching the Bureau of Land Management, whose jurisdiction it is, to investigate the claims and take appropriate action at this time.

The anger about the incident is stirring on social media, with many sharing the post and calling for action against the perpetrator of the vandalism. The natural beauty of the Strip is highly prized by locals and visitors alike.

UPDATE 8/11: A special procedure is to be done to clean the paint off the rock without polluting the water. A company which specializes in the procedure is being called to do it, and whoever is found guilty for the vandalism will be responsible for the cost, which is likely to be in the thousands of dollars.

UPDATE 8/12: A warrant will be issued if and when Bob Garland returns to the Parker Strip, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Charges: criminal damages/criminal littering.

FEATURED COMMENT #2: “My story of idiot rock is that I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen there so I named it idiot rock by painting it in 1979 and over the years as it started to fade I always said I’m going to repaint it as part of my bucket list. I’m sorry that I affended anybody. Ill never paint anything again and ill take whats comming to me I’m sorry!” – Bob Garland. Join the conversation below.


  1. Corrine Borman

    Hand the a$$wipe a toothbrush and make him remove that ugly graffiti !!

  2. Brandy Frew

    And post a picture of it on Facebook

  3. BOB GARLAND CLAIMS TO LIVE NOW IN NEW PORT BEACH, CA But was raised in CORONA,CA & has family there. “BOB’s ROCK’ is what he painted on the rock. The Rock is known by locals as IDIOT ROCK!!! Thank you for posting & hope for all of us who enjoy the river that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law SO THAT OTHERS DON’T TAG OUR BEAUTIFUL RIVER & SURROUNDING AREAS

  4. Margaret Payne

    And who is the idiot here

  5. Sharon Grant

    How could someone think that’s ok to do? He needs to have to repair the damage. If it can be done. ????

  6. Sure he doesn’t live in Lancaster? Guy I saw on fb looks just like him and says he lives in Lancaster…

  7. Amy Hanson

    There are always jerks out there that want to ruin beautiful things with vandalism…

  8. Scott Stutsman

    POS SIXTY years old and has no respect for other people

  9. Brock Keenan

    Julie Sunance jump rock

  10. April Gallup

    Wow, it really must have a significant impact on his life when other people jump off of rocks into the river! I hope BLM throws the book at him and the paint gets cleaned up soon.

  11. Thomas Peter

    Disrespectful A-HOLE, Your not welcome in Parker. (86)ed for life.

  12. Pr Brookman

    Nothing is worse than an old fool. Now we wait for swift punishment!!!

  13. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    come on bob, graffiti at your age. what an embarrassment to you. and what dumb ass took the picture? that person should help clean it too.

  14. Elizabeth Sylvia

    Why? What possible reason could he have for doing that? Oh, wait….ASSHOLE!

  15. Jim Hamilton

    I would like to shove that spray can where the sun don’t shine!!

  16. they should make the dumb ass that took pic help clean it. whats that show? “worlds dumbest criminals” sorry bobby, i know you but? “stupid is as stupid does”.

  17. Tina Holt

    My heart breaks reading this story…friggin’ fool(s)!!!

  18. grow up you immature old geezer. Deface something in your own city if you have to do something stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

  19. Jan Fabey M

    PROSECUTE! ! I agree with giving him a tooth brush and having him remove it. AND jail time, fine and community service.

  20. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    stupid is as stupid does. i know this guy. very typical for him to do something like this; but i really thought he grew up. sad part is, his family is awesome and very hard workers and respectable people; love them. how embarrassing for them that their 60 year old son has done something like this. but its not the first time Bobby has brought shame to the famous Garland name.

  21. Dave King

    Saw that Sunday. {facepalm}

  22. i know this guy. very typical for him to do something like this; but i really thought he grew up. sad part is, his family is awesome and very hard workers and respectable people; love them. how embarrassing for them that their 60 year old son has done something like this. but its not the first time Bobby has brought shame to the famous Garland name.

  23. Johnny Monts

    Hate ALL taggers … Jail him!

  24. Sandy Downen

    Lawny Reese-Caracci do you know that fool?

  25. Debra Vitali

    I lived at the River for 32 years and this is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen someone do or there. A large billboard should be erected in the area with this pic of him. Caption: IDIOT BOB GARLAND FROM CORONA CA

  26. Tommy Vandy

    Ahh..pretty much the same slum but thanks for the assertion.

  27. Pat McAfee Tanges

    I would like to send some fellas I know to his house, spray paint it…and kick his butt.

  28. Parker Live Updates

    Tommy they’re like 50 miles apart. Corona is LA like Parker is Havasu.

  29. what a low life fool fine him heavy and send to jail

  30. Jeffrey Jones

    30 days strapped to the rock

  31. Tommy Vandy

    Same shit in Corona , same shit in LA. I not talking about distance…geez. Distance doesn’t change that fact.

  32. Nana Gillaspy

    Must be a liberal, needs to learn respect what’s not his. Hope he pays for restoration, fined, and banned from Parker for 10 yrs.

  33. Is there any plans to clean this up ? And if so i will come help

  34. Dwight Williams

    Loser has no respect! Might want to stay away from Parker for awhile…

  35. Sandy Kantor

    I hope BLM nails this idiot.

  36. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    i grew up in corona so, yes i do know that fool…

  37. Debra Vitali

    I’m a liberal and would never do something like that. …

  38. These Dumbf***istanians seem to think that committing vandalism against our country is so awesome these dumbf***s photograph themselves committing the felonies.

  39. It’s funny what draws people’s ire. Yes this is stupid, criminal, and ignorant all rolled up into one but it’s really nothing compared to what your BS leaders do to you on a daily basis in LaPaz County, yet nobody ever says anything to them. And the ones who do are jailed then laughed at and ignored. You get the country you deserve!

  40. This low-life moron belongs in the same category as the dirtbag that burned down the famous “Shoe Tree” on Rice Road. He is no different than the gang of houseboating geniuses that recently trashed a pristine sandstone canyon at Lake Powell.( Sigh, it’s difficult to comprehend the sheer ignorance, stupidity and utter disrespect these days…

  41. Julie Dawson Keenan

    Hopefully he’s fined and I’d love to see a pic of him cleaning it!!

  42. Randy Myrtue Frear

    Glad he was identified ! Throw the book at him !

  43. I just don’t understand the mindset of these vandals, what goes through their brains while they’re committing these felonies and stupidly photographing themselves doing it, as if Federal prosecutors won’t discover the evidence and use it against them.

    These public lands belong to *all* of us, this is property each and every one of us own, and yet vandals with spray paint are systematically crapping-up our property, doing it in minutes whereas cleaning this stuff off takes days to weeks of painstaking, difficult effort.

    I just don’t understand the mind that’s at work here.

  44. Amanda Romero

    So tired of out of towners coming to our little town and trashing it. They throw their trash out of their car windows and it litters the roads and deserts, they leave their trash on the river shores. And now this? It’s irritating and disrespectful.

  45. Amanda Romero

    Um, liberals are the ones that want to save the environment. Hence, why climate change wasn’t even on the radar during the republican debates. Check your facts.

  46. Nana Gillaspy

    Little was mentioned during those debate, mostly bashing

  47. King E. Clapperton

    Disrespect, disregard, arrogance and apathy are only a portion of the overall driving force behind this obviously blatant criminal act. As disgusting as this is to most all of us, if anyone is thinking about it, please, do not attempt to take it upon yourself to attempt to clean the paint from the rock. Not only would that be personally dangerous, but the solvents and detergents necessary to remove the paint could both pollute the water and harm our wildlife. In addition, we have to take into consideration the fact that both the rock and the river fall under the ultimate jurisdiction of the Federal Government. I know it will be difficult to do for most of us, but please be patient and supportive as our Constitutional legal process takes its course. Thanks everyone!

  48. Jamie Simms

    What an A$$hole….I think the BLM should nail his ass for defacing federal property and let him paint the inside of a prison….in Yuma.

  49. Sorry, Nana Gillaspy–this is FAR more the behavior of conservatives (and the guy’s facebook page shows him to be just that–he’s one of you). Suck one.

  50. Johnny Monts

    Been coming to the river since 1975, I live in LA county, but my family & I are nothing like this fool from corona . So tommy don’t even compare everyone from the coast to him . We are also property owners at the river and families like ours help support the people & businesses of Parker .

  51. They’ll be waiting for him in the county jail…we don’t even disrespect our party spots let alone someone from out of town especially California…when you come to Parker out of towners or not know that you can’t mess with our river,our children,or our homes…we come together!

  52. Parker Live Updates

    Needless to say, we have lots of Corona area people in Parker and the vast majority are wonderful.

  53. Tommy Vandy

    Easy tender foot. I lived in that malaise you live in for 42 years. I am aware of good citizens, Johnny.

  54. Okay, let’s not divert attention from what this article is really about. It’s about vandalism. A crime has been committed. Appears this tagger is one taco short of a combination plate for taking a picture of the crime with the evidence in his own hand. I hope the punishment fits the crime. Hopefully, the cleaning with a toothbrush takes place in 120 degree temp.

    *footnote Good one Amanda Romero!! 😉

  55. Constitutional legal process

    HAHA good one

  56. Jan Fabey M

    Send him to see Sheriff Joe!

  57. Give him brushes and necessarily materials to remove the paint — as well as enforced time to complete the task, plus a little additional to think about the stupid thing he did.

  58. Leah Howard

    Should have tattoo idiot on ur forehead for being stupid and posting ur criminal act!

  59. Sharon Pedrick

    The rock isn’t the only idiot!!!!!!!!

  60. You’re going to ASU…doesn’t that make you an out of towner now? If it wasn’t for out of towers the town of Parker would be broke and abandoned. May not want to piss of like 75% of the homeowners that are from out of town!

  61. Amanda Romero

    I’m attending the ASU online campus, nosy body. As a homeowner that pays taxes AND picks up trash from the river shores and the sides of the road, i have every right to complain, sweetheart.

  62. Debra Vitali

    Kim Collins Hoover. This is the post I was telling you about! I suppose it’s a good thing he’s stupid enough to put it on FB!

  63. Kim Collins Hoover

    What a dumbass!! I hope the fucktard faces legal action because of that!!

  64. Dabney Hopkins

    Lol, must be a liberal. That doesn’t even make sense!

  65. Randy Rae

    Some may take this offensive but to me its art.

  66. Too bad he wasn’t identified as a mountain goat for a hungry family!

  67. Please prosecute him for this mindless act of vandalism and make part of his sentence to clean all of this off under supervision!

  68. Mike Rowe

    yes Idiot… don’t need this type of person in Parker hope he gets fined.

  69. First of all, let me say he’s the idiot here, and I hate what he did to a beautiful piece of nature. Second of all, if you look at the full picture, it really does say IDIOT ROCK – not BOB’S ROCK. But, that’s a moot point. He needs to be prosecuted and as part of his restitution, he needs to clean it up.

  70. Now that the damage is done, we need to cover it up so other disrespectful people won’t add to it. Maybe a banner made to look like the rock or paint to match the rock. This man has ruined our beautiful landscape that so many people love to enjoy. Justice for this will be slow but we should be able to clean it up quickly and then charge him for the repairs.

  71. My story of idiot rock is that I’ve seen a lot of bad things happen there so I named it idiot rock by painting it in 1979 and over the years as it started to fade I always said I’m going to repaint it as part of my bucket list. I’m sorry that I affended anybody. Ill never paint anything again and ill take whats comming to me I’m sorry!

  72. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    @ Robert Gene Garland aka BOB you’ve offended eveyone .. it was wrong back in 1979 to deface / destroy and it still is in 2015. Get in you car and come back here and make things RIGHT. That mean paying for a clean up crew through the BLM so it done right.

  73. thank you bob for the apology, we see very little graffiti out here. people come here to get away from stuff like that. the beauty of the desert and its landmarks bring us peacefulness. i myself think mikes idea of paying for clean up is a good idea to make it right, but yeah blm will have to get a trained crew cause someone could get hurt if not done properly. take care..

  74. Bob, I notice your Facebook page is still taken down. It appears you didn’t want to face the consequences of your actions? I’d assume after your daddy’s real estate company contact information was released, he probably got an earful about his wonderful 59 year old loser son. In all honesty, you do need to deal with the cleanup costs, but based on what your childhood friends/family are saying about you, it’s doubtful you have any money, but your comment above best be backed with action, little buddy, and the sooner the better. What you did is an eyesore. You totally burned your bridges in Parker, and from what I’m hearing from the locals, you’d best not ever come back to the city (and please don’t show up in Havasu, because we don’t want you, either). Now please make sure to put some action behind your apology and make restitution to the city and to those who have to take time out of their day to fix this mess you created.

  75. Parker Live Updates

    A special procedure is to be done to clean the paint off the rock without polluting the water. A company which specializes in the procedure is being called to do it, and whoever is found guilty for the vandalism will be responsible for the cost.

  76. April Gallup

    Thanks for the update Parker Live Updates

  77. Mike Rowe

    Great send that jerk the bill

  78. Easy to make an apology “Idiot Bob” but I can’t believe that you were the first one to coin the phrase “idiot rock” and it was wrong then and now to spray paint the rock, you should be charged for that time as well. as for your “bucket list”, you might want to review that too, there is probably many more offensive acts that will just continue to get you in trouble. Earlier in the comments, someone mentioned the Rice road shoe tree that was burnt down quite a few years ago , how do we know that Idiot Bob wasn’t the one that burned it down, I guess we will never know the truth on that one but it could have been on his bucket list too. Shame on you “Idiot Bob” Shame on you! Stoning (not pot) should be part of your punishment.

  79. Since idiot bob admits to defacing the rock in 1979 maybe he should be charged twice the amount it cost to clean up this mess. So stupid!

  80. Hey Dave Vaverka you really think Parker can’t do without you? Think again. And your 75% home owner comment is crap. Your not a home owner you have a trailer on the California side where you space rent. That does nothing for Parker. Amanda is correct that so many Californians come here and trash our river, get drunk and and do stupid things. You buy up property and think your special here. Your not. Parker will survive without you as we live here year round and pay taxes that keep our town & county going. Out of towers Do Not Account for but a small percentage of the taxes paid here. Our town and county survives on sales tax not property tax. Those of us who live here buy our gas, groceries & everything else 365 days a year. Most out of towers spend a weekend here and there. Sorry but again we will survive here in Parker despite you.

  81. If there is any good in this, it is that it shows the passion we all have for the River and Lake Havasu. I also am a resident of Lake Havasu and would be the first one to call somebody an idiot for doing what Bob did. If you were a teenager in the 70s at Sundance you might better understand why Bob painted the rock in the first place, it was stupid then as it is today… However, I know Bob Garland and have known him most of my life. I just recently saw him after many years and I can tell you he is a standup guy, he will make it right and his apology is truly heartfelt……. This is a kindhearted person who made a bad decision… He will make it right.. We have all done stupid things, some more stupid than others. To all of you that have expressed your anger, don’t ever loose your passion for the river…….

  82. Really Rhea, stone him??? WTF? Would you call that an appropriate constitutional punishment?

    And pile on burning down the shoe tree? You remind me of the cop who yells Stop Resisting while you’re handcuffed and getting the crap beat out of you.

    The guy apologized, agreed to take whatever punishment is coming his way, and you can’t accept this?

    YouTube Jury Nullification folks, learn how to protect your community from the crazy statists!

  83. Is he only sorry because he’s been called out in a public forum and there’s a hint that law enforcement might be coming after him with charges? Or, maybe he really just wasn’t thinking and is sorry. Seems to me the bigger issue is how we can educate everyone early enough to prevent defacement of public places and to respect our shared natural environment.

  84. Jacob- I really have to take issue with this ‘us and them’ mentality. We’re all Californians and Arizonans here; the river spans both. The Parker area community is bigger than just the few thousand permanent residents; it includes all our regular visitors, part-time homeowners, weekenders and winter residents too. There is no us and them. Only us.

  85. The more I hear parker people respond the more I will nerver return to parker. The guy Apologized and is taking and you still degrade him. Everyone in Parker must be perfect( what a joke) if you lived thier long enough then you would no why the rock has that name. Be caused someone back in 79 cared cuz of the stupid shit that was going on on that rock. As far as I’m. Concerned im boycotting Parker. Grow up

  86. He’. is taking full responsibility

  87. Okay, people. What he did was wrong. He admitted it was wrong and apologized. He will obviously still have consequences. Can we forgive and let it go now? Or do we have to continue to bash and belittle? Let*It*Go.

    For anyone with two brain cells or more!

    Anyone in Parker qualify?

    Color me skeptical.

  89. Omg
    Mistakes are a part of life…. he made a mistake let’s move on.

  90. I agree with you Teresa Warren…… they comment as if they are perfect humans.

  91. And the biggest Douchebag award goes too….

  92. Dude your to funny. I’m been her for all but 9 yrs of my 55 yrs alive. Lived at Parker Dam housing. And IDIOT ROCK was named IDIOT ROCK before the idiot (you) tagged it in 79. So get off your high horse for taking any credit in reguards to that rock except that your name is on a bed in LA paz camp snoopy. Be a man and come turn yourself in.

  93. Why is this graffiti still up? It has been more than a month and I can’t believe it has not been cleaned off yet!

  94. Cleaning this is so hard! I would use a toothbrush but some more serious brush if I was him. Vandals are really awful! how could they do that!

  95. I say we tar and feather him! Then stone him with pieces of idiot rock. Or something meaner of that sort! Lol

  96. Somebody just died at this rock . Maybe the name “idiot rock” from 1979 is legit. Quit being dumb asses and think about it. You youngsters don’t know shit. These old timers have done more than we can imagine and usually it benefits us younger generation more than you can believe…

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