Stolen boat found stripped and dumped in desert

A boat that made headlines on this site when it sank and was stolen hours later has resurfaced in the desert, partially stripped and dumped there.


According to its owner, these photos show the location it was left, on the California side of the Colorado River near Parker, with its tower and sound system gone, one side windshield missing and other parts stripped off the boat.

The Sheriff’s Department’s Curt Bagby confirmed the finding, saying detectives have been working the case, fingerprinting the boat on Tuesday, following up on “strong leads” and actively pursuing the suspects.

“We have some good information about the theft that we’re acting on,” he added.

A video showing the boat sinking in front of Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar on Friday, August 7th went viral, having been seen by over 226,000 people on Facebook. The boat was brought to shore and parked, according to Nathan Miller, the owner. By Sunday morning, it had been stolen, along with its trailer which was parked in a lot nearby.

Miller says it will cost thousands of dollars to get the boat back in working order. Worse: he had just purchased the boat recently and it was its first time out on the Parker Strip, where he has been coming for years.



  1. Süd Schiller

    So unfortunate the lazy sheriffs of the town only care about revenue generating crime. In such a small town, makes you wonder if they even looked for it. Lazy scum. At least the hull and trailer are salvageable!

  2. Jami Rapp

    Cris, they found that boat we were talkin about last week

  3. Easier to sell parts than the whole boat and harder to track hope whoever did this has it happen to them

  4. Marco Barrett

    I bet it wasn’t stolen. Looks like insurance fraud to me..

  5. Marianna Benner

    It’s like the Noah’s Ark of Parker I found you! Ha ha ha ha, so weird!

  6. Ellen Woodring

    That was some 3 hour tour Skipper….

  7. Joshua Gottula

    Erica Patton Jones funny how the story sad it was stolen the same night. Not the real story of how it sank Friday night and was on the beach all day and night Saturday…

  8. Erica Patton Jones

    At a beach, with no launch ramp and it just happen to be stolen with its trailer….very suspicious

  9. Brandy Frew

    The sheriff’s of this town work very hard. The boat was left unattended overnight, hardly law enforcements fault that it happened. But, they are a convenient scape goat.

  10. Süd Schiller

    Brandy, every FB thread has a cop apologist. In my personal experience the LEO of Parker,AZ (non C.R.I.T) are out to extort everybody. I personally have been stopped for no front license plate to get a field sobriety test. I see the La Paz Sheriff constantly hassling people at the lower sand bar. Blatant arrogance isn’t an excuse. Open your eyes before voicing your opinion on my comments; thanks!

  11. Leslie Hopkins

    Soo messed up! Thieves suck

  12. Tom Pellerin

    So your saying you got pulled over for breaking a vehicle code section and your pissed. It’s called probable cause buddy and it does lead to other arrest like dope and DUI. It’s called police work. If you don’t like being pulled over put your front plate on. It’s really that simple.

  13. Brandy Frew

    And every facebook thread has someone who gets in trouble with the law and then blames the cops for it.

  14. Süd Schiller

    Tommy, thanks for putting in your 0.02 cents. Its actually getting pulled over for a victimless crime at an attempt to extort someone. I actually ended up driving away with a friend who had a warrant, drugs, a gun and no front license plate! Well trained officer ;D

  15. Alex Alvarez

    Shoulda checked the bilge. Haha!

  16. Süd Schiller

    Brandy I guess I was lucky enough to talk to an Obama voter today. I usually only talk to them when I am ordering large fries! Go back to watching your TV, copsucking and paying your taxes. Its going really well for you!

  17. Greg Vrieling

    BTW, AZ Dose Not Require a front Plate!!

  18. Parker Live Updates

    Joshua – apologies – story corrected. You’re absolutely right

  19. Tammy Flavin

    Awful ! That’s why you insure your stuff!

  20. Tom Pellerin

    I see the crowd you roll with so do us a favor. Keep your plate off. In time our tax dollars will pay off and thin the heard you seem to be so proud of. TOOL !!!

  21. Melissa Lutz

    Wow! I guess that’s why you should insure all your toys… Especially ones that are more than a car!

  22. Amber Moorhead

    This whole story smells funny to me

  23. Brock Keenan

    They didn’t take the motor and drive out? Shady..

  24. Does anyone know who found it?

  25. Brandy Frew

    Wow… resort to being an a$$, sounds pretty typical for your type. Btw, didn’t vote for Obama and am very conservative. But love the judgemental attitude. Have an amazing day!

  26. Süd Schiller

    Brandy, just because I don’t believe in your imaginary fallacies based on dogmas does not make me an ass! Announcing yourself as being right wing isn’t much better! Keep blindly following your government, they appreciate people like you. Don’t you dare start ranting when a family, friend or acquaintance gets accidentally shot by one of our always untrained loyal municipal parasites…

  27. Beth Mercer Curry

    Looks staged to me! Who takes off one windshield from a boat??! Fishy!! ????

  28. Clarissa Cookie Marquez Moorman

    Lance, there’s your next boat! Ha!

  29. EttaMae Williams Svider

    The article, when first posted, said he had no insurance.

  30. Brandy Frew

    Cutting me down makes you an a$$, surprised that has to be pointed out to you. Assuming things about me makes you an a$$. And I won’t rant when a family member gets shot, because they 1. don’t make it a habit to break the law and 2. don’t provoke the police. We know to STOP when told and show respect, not act suspicious, use common sense.

    I assume that if you are being mugged, or have been robbed, or a victim of some crime you will not dial 911, since you obviously have no respect for law enforcement.

  31. The problem with cops is the 95% give the other 5% a bad name

  32. This is definitely suspect in so many ways. I don’t believe for a second that it was “stolen”. It smells of fraud..

  33. Candi Evans

    Well it the owner wouldn’t of left it on the beach all day an night it would not of gotten stolen. smh

  34. Candi,
    Blame the victim much?

    Maybe if we didn’t breed a culture that rewards theft, LaPaz County would be free and prosperous and safe!

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