Fire on Bean Pot Hill

A structure fire broke out on Thursday evening in the area of Lakeside known as Bean Pot Hill. The fire spread across brush near some homes and looked set to threaten the homes nearby. Updates to follow.

6:05– Reports that at least 3 houses have been burned as firefighters continue to work the blaze. People are reportedly watering their homes with hoses to protect them from the flames, and firefighters are taking short shifts to cool off.
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  1. Greg Parker

    Looks like a tyre disposal site. Good job Parker.

  2. Fire on Beanpot? Officials are reporting that damages could run into the tens of dollars.

  3. Kristin Marie

    There are tires yes, but they arent disposal, they have been there years and helped from erosion and helped us cool kids get up the hill through thae canyon.

  4. Marti Stone Gibson

    This is MY VACATION HOUSE that’s burning to the ground at this very moment.

  5. Marti Stone Gibson

    No tires on my place, but tires on the adjacent property (to left in this photo) that were placed there to prevent erosion. The erosion cause dirt to wash away after those lots were vacant. I’ve brought in additional fill dirt to prevent erosion, but it’s MY HOUSE THAT’S BURNING RIGHT NOW!!!!

  6. Marti Stone Gibson

    There is no power on to my place, turned off at box, will all breakers off, nothing to catch fire there UNLESS SOMEONE SET IT. I had planted ground cover, as well as having brought in fill sand & dirt twice since purchasing it in 2000, no tires at my place!!!! Except on the stored Landrover & sea doo trailer. I live in Texas & was unable to insure the property since I’d be away for more than 90 days at a time!!!! I’ve complained to county about the erosion & even provided them photos of the exposed tires on the adjacent lots, when I was there in Feb & March.

  7. Marti Stone Gibson

    No tires on my property, but on adjacent lots …. apparently where kids started fire, that was pushed up to burn me to the ground!!!!

  8. Marti Stone Gibson

    Am not seeing any fire fighting equip, wonder if they aren’t even there attempting to save my property.

  9. ^ Hillarious. Imagine that was your house. Have some respect.

  10. Parker Live Updates

    Tap back into the link – photos are being added all the time

  11. Parker Live Updates

    Photos and additional info being added at the link

  12. Kelli Scott

    Watching as we speak I’m so sorry for ur loss of home 🙁 this is horrible

  13. Kelli Scott

    The tires have been their for years to hold the dirt up they eventually fall due to weather I’m so sorry for this it was too close to my best friends dads house so major reality check . Thank his no one is or was hurt sorry for your loss of home

  14. Lori Deysie

    I wander if the fire started from a lightening strike?

  15. Kelli Scott

    This isn’t at the tire way that one burnt down a few years back this is next to Brits dads

  16. Kelli Scott

    The house with the spiral staircase if u remember before it got demolished

  17. Christine Rice

    Very sorry for your loss Marti the fire trucks were there I live on lakeside and saw it from my patio. Are you the Marti that helped Christie Bear out?

  18. Andrew Swick

    Looks like some one was playing my mixtape ???? Tyson Aspa Trevor Eddy David Eddy

  19. Mary Haskell

    So what’s the status now??

  20. Ricky, While you think it may be funny, There is a person or family that has just lost everything they have. Sorry you are so willing to say something so juvenile instead of support of a dire situation. Would you be writing this if it was you or your family whose home has just burnt? KARMA bro!

  21. Marti-So sorry for your loss. I hope they were able to save some of your property and belongings. As far as there being nobody attempting to save your house…there were 3 fire trucks on scene with numerous firefighters on each. Also, the people living around the fire had their hoses out attempting to do as much as possible until the fire dept arrived.

  22. Greg Parker

    Oh no, had no idea that tires could be used for erosion control. The insurance stipulation makes no sense and am sorry for your property loss. I sure hope you can find help for damages caused by any negligent parties.

  23. Terra LaFazia

    Fire trucks and emergency crew are still there, I can see it from my house.

  24. Veronica J. Cecchini

    Marti Stone Gibson, I’m so sorry for the loss of your property. I hope that any issues arising from this tragedy will be dealt with in a swift and timely manner!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours!!!

  25. Nicole Venegas

    The amount of time your were going to be away should’ve had no bearing on the insurability of the home. Snowbirds leave their homes for 4-6 month at a time and they get insurance coverage. You either need a new agent or a new insurance company. I used to be an insurance agent in this town. We wrote policies for seasonal homes all the time.

  26. Kristin Marie

    yeah im so sick of people (who must live in glass houses) jump t conclusions tat ae 1) wrnig and 2) has nothing to do ith it. I may have been wrong on which specific spotof the hill, but I was correct on the purpose

  27. Kristin Marie

    Marti I am so sorry, but let te community know what we can do to help. ( I dont live thee anymore, but I am not toofar)

  28. Marti Stone Gibson

    Thank you …. am hearing all kinds of reports, but being 2000 miles away from my Az home, I’m in a world of hurt right now….. as many locals know me …. this is my home burnt to the ground because kds were unsupervised & decided to light a fire!!!!!!

  29. Marti Stone Gibson

    This is MY Stroke’s Steak House

  30. Marti Stone Gibson

    Yes, Christine Rice, I am the same Marti, who is fairly well known in the area for “helping” …. am way too far away to help myself now, home in Texas & crying for my Ariz home …. help me now as I cry ….. call me, please

  31. Marti Stone Gibson

    No, unfortunately, not result of lightening strike. It’s my home that burned to ground … Was called by law enforcement, kids copped to setting fire at bottom of cliff below, that was caught by wind & spread to totally destroy my property!!!

  32. Marti Stone Gibson

    When will people learn to teach children not to trespass or vandalize.

  33. Marti Stone Gibson

    Thank you, Kristin Marie, I truly appreciate your sincere thoughts about this tragic event. Sad case of children being allowed to commit crimes against humanity, all in the name of “fun” or zero supervision, extremely destructive results of “play”
    …. totally destroying my home….as well as others property.

  34. Marti Stone Gibson

    Status Quo???? I’ve been contacted by law enforcement …. that kids have “copped”/ admitted to setting the fire that destroyed my home!!!!!

  35. Marti Stone Gibson

    My house sits within the circle,OR USED TO SIT, sorry it doesn’t exist anymore, because of some kids, who weren’t taught any better) just off Crystal Canyon,into the cul-de-sac, backs up to the canyon, with a wonderful view of the river, & was totally destroyed by his fire, which was set by kids, who admitted to it …. who pities me?????? Nobody, it seems, except for a couple of nice people, like Christine ….. I’m dying inside for the loss & too ar away to help ….

  36. Marti Stone Gibson

    Thank you, Kelli, I’m 2000 miles away and totally at wits end, unable to do a thing to help, assist , much less prevent this disaster. I truly do appreciate all those who have expressed consideration for the situation & my loss. For hours, I stayed in business mode, hands tied, unable to do a single thing from afar ….. now, so many hours later, numerous telephone calls, assist from neighbors, talks with law enforcement officers & others, it’s easier to accept this loss on an intellectual level, than an emotional one. I held it all together for hours, even hours more …. am I melting down down now that I think of the 150 yr old bed that belonged to Vera, which she was born in, hand made with dowels, that was in the bunk room, or my own mothers photo & her first oil painting (I’m 71 yrs old) of Diamond Head …. & the few other antiques or art or photos lost. Only because someone never taught their children NOT TO TRESPASS upon another property nor do destructive damage~~~~ My heart bleeds tonight …… does theirs????

  37. Parker Live Updates

    Marti- Can you send me a private message here please?

  38. Kelli Scott

    Was it confirmed it was ‘kids’ that did this we had bad lightening bolts too and the brush on the wash side is super dry so are most trailers up here too! old rotting wood just ready to burst . Jus wondering

  39. Kandi Scott

    Strokes steak house is very sorry it wouldn’t let do this from the strokes page so sad has to be horrible being away and nothing you can do buy you a stiff drink next time your down!

  40. Mary Haskell

    I am so sorry for your loss!

  41. Grew up on Crystal Canyon (lots 70 and 207). From Google maps, the home I grew up in is gone, replaced by a concrete jungle. It is a shame to see someone lose their property, though.

  42. Nicole Venegas

    Are there any answers on the cause of the fire yet? I was thinking lightening. There was a lot of lightening activity last night and yesterday. There doesn’t have to be running power to the house for lightning to cause the fire.

  43. We’ll have a live segment with some new information this morning at 8:15am (and available afterwards to replay). See here:

  44. Alec Parsons

    I live on lakeside 5 and I didn’t see any lightning around bean pot the time this happened

  45. First off having gone through a tragedy of a house fire which resulted in my son getting burned I can say I know how you fill. I am very sorry for your loss. This is the time the neighborhood should come together to help a fellow neighbor. I live on beanpot hill and through out the years of living here have wonder why there are so many unsupervised kids up here who have no respect for people or property, but when I see how disrespectful some adults are up here it makes a lot of sense. People park on other people’s property because the people who live there are gone for the summer. When you go to the parents instead of disciplining their kids they yell at you. Whatever happened to neighbors banning together and raising all the kids in the neighborhood together. Neighbors knew everyone in their proximity of each other and the kids knew if they did something they shouldn’t be doing the parents were going to hear about it. At least the kids fessed up to what they did. Now what happens? Are the parents responsible for this tragedy? They should be for not supervising their kids. Now you have another family involved. The ones who lost their home, and, the ones who caused it.

  46. I am so very sorry.

  47. June, I have to agree with you. I’ve lived up here since 1987 and raised 3 kids. Now I’m raising my grandson. I witnessed a neighbor cuss at my grandson because he was on a dirt pile in front of his house. Yes, he shouldn’t have been there but he didn’t have to cuss.

  48. Mary Roberts

    I’m so sorry for your loss..I pray for you to keep strong..I no it must be so hard being so far away ..yes parents need to teach there kids right from wrong and these parents didn’t do there job and now you don’t have a house so horrible ..keep your head high..we also have a vacation home at the river and could not imagine how you feel right now …praying for you and so very sorry for your loss of un replaceable items ..simples sucks and is unfair…keep strong ❤️

  49. I can’t believe it another home gone. My heart is hurting for you to Marti. Remembering alittle over a year ago was going through the same thing you are. Why is the only thing I could think of at that time and for along time. Honestly we still wonder why alot of things happened when should not have. To this day no questions were answered so its probably a good thing you were not here to see this and be treated like a criminal. Good thing your neighbor was able to move your jet skis and your auto last night there was an area where a fire was trying to start up again believe me it could have been another disaster. Something needs to be done. We have 3 fire dept. so why can’t these fires be put out before everything is gone. Again with all of the water and access to get to it why are the trucks half full of water or no water at all? Those trucks should be full at all times wouldn’t that save time getting there and 3 depts.working together I would think that’s what they are to do. How can one in charge tell another stop we don’t need your help. flames going higher and one hose spraying what water they have wouldn’t 2 or 3 trucks and hoses going be better to try save someone’s home. How many more homes will Parker see burn before they get hydrants ? Where is the tax payers money they pay states right on tax bill for Buckskin Fire Dept. There is that WHY again why don’t they use it to put water on these hills. Maybe you will be able to get some answers since no one would talk to us about the fire I mean fires (2) that took everything from us last year and nothing has changed. Maybe this fire will get one of them asking why and something will get done. Loosing everything is one of the most devastating things to anyone yes it could have been worse let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

  50. Brian Hanson

    Kids will be kids. Truly unfortunate ending..

  51. Deanne White the reason your grandson got cussed at if telling him to stay the ” hell” off my property is cussing it had nothing to do with being on the dirt! It was because he grabbed a hand full of rocks and was throwing them. Some of the rocks hit my garage door. Do you want to pay for damages to my home??? Broken window, dented door.
    I have already had kids damage my property and nothing was done about it. It cost me several hundred dollars to repair the damage and the worthless parents did nothing. So unsupervised kids in our neighborhood is a problem and so are the people who have no respect for others property.

  52. Marti Stone Gibson

    After the initial shock, frazzled brain fleas, 3 hours total sleep, thus far, I’m much calmer, have everything in perspective, and feel the strong need to make profuse apologies for each of my rudish comments previous. Can ya’ll forgive & chalk it up to last remarks being made at 6 AM, my central time zone & maybe the extra glass of vino, that didn’t calm the nerves??? Truly hope so, as i’m not normally one, who loses control, especially during crisis mode.

    So many of ya’ll good hearted Parker people have expressed kind words, thoughts & genuine empathy. My son (disabled from head injury 3 years ago, lives with me here in Texas) wish to sincerely thank each & every one of you. The firefighters did the best they could under the circumstances, 20 mile per hr winds were blowing it directly to the structure. Everything was properly shut off to the house, with extra locked breaker boxes to discourage malicious mischief, such as this. Propane tank of smaller size, placed proper distance from house, was securely shut off & never ignited. All precautions were taken to prevent an unfortunate event such as this.

    I made a grave mistake by placing the roll-type decorator bamboo shade material on the tall chain fence of the deck to provide shade from the direct hot Arizona sun on the west side, wetting material for misters in order to provide more cooling. But, that bamboo reed material went up like a torch, swiftly igniting the covered deck roof & the structure was history from that moment. These older mobile homes (this property was 2 mobiles put together as one, with over-roof & central interior hallway, plus add-on bunkroom w/half bath), with real wood paneling, even on the ceilings, make for a disaster waiting to happen. Having NO FIRE HYDRANTS WITHIN MILES doesn’t help either.

    PLEASE HEED my advice & eliminate such delicate bamboo shading & INSURE YOUR PROPERTY. The company, whom I’ve used for 40 years is based in Texas, state laws vary, I guess. But, due to the type of structure (2 old mobiles put together, with no close fire hydrants, property being vacant for extended periods of time) I did not have any of it insured. A friend had also lost personal belongings, which were stored there. Please know that renters can & SHOULD ALSO HAVE RENTERS INSURANCE, it’s very inexpensive & it will cover your belongings, not the structure, but your own property. My home in Texas is insured, but not there. It was my second big mistake!!! The third mistake was to belive posting many NO TRESPASS & PRIVATE PROPERTY signs all over the property, even on the open hillside, cliff, that comprise the real estate that I own, plus barbed wire staked, would prevent transgressors. It didn’t. My opinion? Parents didn’t teach or enforce respect to others property.

    Don’t ever let it be said that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. This ole 71 yr old gal certainly did …. the hard way. Please let this insurance issue, perhaps security systems with cameras & smoke alarms just might have made a difference, take down neat decorative bamboo shading, watch & correct unruly children – it’s my understanding these kids were old enough to know better – be a learning experience for all of us!!!

    Other than those particular issues, there was nothing, what-so-ever, that we personally could have done to prevent this tragedy!!! I wish there was, but wishing doesn’t change a thing & what-ifs serve no useful purpose. Let’s attempt to initiate change ……

    Yes, Theresa, Mary, Deanne, Kelli, June, Kristin, Veronica, Chris, & the rest, it does take a village to initiate change. Parkerites are great people, both locals & part-timers, like me. Ya’ll do rally when the going gets rough, you each certainly have for me, through your kindness. Thank you for helping to educate me, Nicole. Keep educating others on the importance of INSURANCE – my thoughts on the subject now; If you can afford to replace everything you own, you don’t need insurance except to cover liability if something you’ve done (or your kids) causes property of another to be damaged or lost.

    Thank you, Meeshell, Kandi, Lori, Meghagn, John, Terra, Christine, Britni, Kristine & ALL the rest (am sure I’ve unintentionally left some off the list) who’ve shown such strong & loving support for me during these last three days. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

    Yes, ha, YES!!! Kandi Scott, I shall definitely take you up on the stiff drink!!!! It will be a couple weeks, perhaps a bit longer before I can travel …. might even wait for temp to drop a bit.

    Please feel free to send me a facebook friend request, the circle of friends continues to grow & strengthen through rough patches as these, which are just another chug-hole on the road of life. My latest profile photo is my 48 yr old son, at age 5, & me, sitting on deck of the property now gone, snapped at an angle showing the beginning development of Lakeside 5 across our Crystal Canyon. Ya’ll might be interested in some video & up close photos of the aftermath.

  53. My heart breaks for each of these people, as I know all too well how all of our recent budget cuts have affected rural fire districts. I don’t live on bean pot, but in Earp, CA, in a mobile home, also uninsured due to the lack of a local fire dept. We have fire hydrants, one of which is right across the road. Our solution was to ask the tribe for used and discarded fire hose. We have to buy the ends for it. Its the smaller hose, fits the smallest hook-up on the hydrant but at least we do have a little defense available. Maybe something those of you who live on Bean Pot could look into. A “bucket brigade” as they used to be called, only with hoses instead of buckets. It is sad that Marti Stone Gibson had to learn the hard way that defensible space means absolutely no combustibles. I love those bamboo shades, too. Guess I better get to cleaning up my defenses!

  54. Sadly many of the adults in the Parker area have no respect for anyone or anything. They do what they want, steal what they want, say what they want, are rude, ignorant and angry. They are teaching their children to be just like them. Because children learn by copying the adults around them, many of our youth are doomed to become the same adults as they see around them. Many of our Nation’s children aren’t taught the most basic of manners. To respect the people and surroundings you are in. They aren’t taught that respect is to be given to all until they prove unworthy of it, to always use company manners in public…including “indoor voices”, to not interrupt people who are speaking, to wait their turn and that they can’t have something just because they want it (theft) but have to figure out a way to earn it. I am reminded of a post I recently shared on Facebook about how the lack of respect for others is undermining our society today. I received some very rude comments on it: “You old people think you should be respected because you are old. Respect has to be earned” was one of the “cleaner” posts I had. I was taught by my parents to respect my elders, that everyone and everything is to be respected unless they prove themselves unworthy, to wait my turn, that I can’t have it because I want it, not to take anything that doesn’t belong to me, that when I am in a public place I must respect the fact that that my words and voice need to be of a tone so as not to offend the others in this public space. We called it manners. Included in there was not playing with matches. We need to help the children in our community learn to be responsible citizens by example. Blasting them in a public forum is not the right thing to do, though I well understand the pain and anger you are feeling. Okay, I’ll come down from my soapbox now to say my heart aches for all of you! I know heirlooms can’t be replaced, but the cherished memories surrounding them will live forever.

  55. Martin,
    Replace your house with an earthship home. It’ll cost less to build, it will be worth more
    money, it looks cool, and it will be fireproof. Google or YouTube the documentary “garbage warrior”, I believe the fellows name is Michael and he’s out of Taos NM…. I think

    Sorry about your loss, you still have your health and lots of friends from what I see. Don’t be upset about what money can replace!

  56. Candi Evans

    How terrible, so very sorry for you’re loss. It’s sad that kids now a days hve to learn the hard way the effects of their poor decisions. Let’s hope they will turn around and help with the clean up.

  57. Very, very sorry for your loss. My brother lived in that cul-de-sac for a bit. I can only hope that law enforcement and the judicial system there (live in MN now) will deal with the juvenile in a manner whereby they truly learn the costs (not just monetary) of what their actions did and become better citizens for it. I truly hope this. I am impressed the parents came forward and took ownership of their child’s actions. That is impressive in this day and age and I say. Well done to the parents for that. Maybe the child should be given a sentence that includes learning about the person who owned the property and what loss they have caused them.

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