To The Editor: Whose tattered flag is this?


Occasionally, Parker Live readers notice bad flag etiquette in the Parker area, and this one aroused particular attention because it belongs to… the federal Post Office facility in the town of Parker, AZ.

I received this photo in my inbox this morning, which immediately called to mind this quote:

“The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way,” – Title 4, Chapter 1 § 8k of the United States Code, known as the ‘Flag Code‘.

Certainly this flag appears to qualify for immediate replacement, especially at a USPS facility. Several months ago, controversy arose when a tattered giant American flag at a Terrible’s gas station in Parker was allowed to fly in that condition for an extended period last spring. It turned out that the rope had broken and the flag couldn’t be lowered from the ground anymore. The company was waiting for the high winds to diminish before sending a boom truck in to replace it, something they did at the beginning of May.

The Parker area is a pretty patriotic place, with the stars and stripes clearly visible in many locations around town year-round. So it perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that people have a sharp eye for when those flags start looking battered and worn.

Time to change the flag, Post Office, and maybe it’s a good time for everyone else to do the same ahead of Labor Day weekend.



  1. Joyce Gaspard

    Terribles, I have seen it that way for quite awhile now!

  2. Please find your local Boy Scout Troop and give the flag to them. They will perform a flag retirement ceremony at their next camp out. It is a very honorable and respectable event.

  3. Joyce Gaspard

    Doesn’t matter, Terribles should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Whose tattered flag is this? It’s YOUR tattered flag, all you do nothing, think nothing lazy Amerikans! You get the government you deserve!!!

    Don’t be a cog in the wheel, be the wrench in the gears, at the very least…

  5. Corey Lynn Nash

    Agreed, they gave terrible Herbst a hard time why not the United States Post Office

  6. Bill Risen

    They were told on Thursday that their flag needed to be replaced!!!!!! They said they would. Maybe they mailed in the request?

  7. Brandy Frew

    lol, doesn’t matter. Facts never matter

  8. Andy Jones

    It’s typical in Parker. City workers go by their flags every day and don’t seem to care. IF you want to fly the American flag then just DO IT RIGHT! If not then don’t fly them at all. Simple. I and my eldest son spent large parts of our lives in the military and this kind of display is an INSULT. And an embarrassment to those that display them.

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