Board of Supervisors to evaluate performance of Dan Field

UPDATE 2:00pm- A motion by Supervisor D.L. Wilson to fire Field failed today in the special meeting. For more information on what happened, see the article HERE.


The La Paz County Board of Supervisors is to hold a special meeting this morning to evaluate the performance of County Administrator Dan Field.

Field took over the important role of County Administrator several years ago, a position not unlike a county CEO acting on behalf of the elected Board of Supervisors. During that time, Field has accumulated other ‘hats’ to wear in addition to the County Administrator role, including Interim Finance Director, Librarian and Clerk of the Board.

Although the relationship of the Board to Field has always been perceived as good, with most criticism tending toward the view that the Board has been too deferential to Field, recent reports from county sources suggest that the relationship may have soured between Field and one or two of the three Supervisors. One email received by Parker Live refers to the County’s “shaky financial ground” under Field’s watch, while others argue that important checks and balances may have been lost due to giving Field too much responsibility.

Whatever the reason for today’s special meeting, posted for 11:00 am, the real discussion will happen in an executive session, which is not open to the public. During this executive session, the Supervisors will talk about Field’s employment:

“…discussion or consideration of the continued employment, assignment, appointment, promotion, demotion, dismissal, salary, discipline, or resignation of the position of the County Administrator / Clerk of the Board / Interim Finance Director / Librarian.”

After the executive session, the Supervisors will reconvene into open meeting, which is open to the public, when they will take “possible action” relating to Field. This can be as simple as a move to take an action and a quick vote, with no explanation to the public required. But due to the importance and prominence of Field’s role within La Paz County, the public may be keen to learn the reason for today’s meeting and any action taken as a result.

Parker Live reached out to the Board of Supervisors and to Dan Field via email ahead of today’s meeting but hasn’t yet been able to reach anyone for comment as of yet. This article will be updated if and when we receive any replies.

The meeting is held at 1108 Joshua Avenue, Parker, AZ 85344 at 11 a.m.


  1. Paula Cornell

    Perhaps they should ask some of the good folk in Quartzsite about his performance.

  2. Luke Marler

    Tighten the leash, shorten the chain. La Paz county can and needs to run better.

  3. The things that make you go hmmmmmmm!!!!!

  4. Candi Evans

    They need to evaluate more then just his performance. They need to be talking with employees making sure they’re being treated like humans at their job.

  5. Paula Cornell

    I still am baffled how he got hired by the county after he essentially ran Quartzsite into bankruptcy. Just baffled.

  6. Marge Ward

    Wow all over again !!!!!

  7. Patty Banks

    I hope They kick that ############# to the curb along with a few others

  8. Sorry all you good people of La Paz Kounty,

    I wasn’t there or he would’ve packed his desk up by 5:00! (Armed escort out the door all the way to his car)

    Thanks for the 3 minute heads up John! Quartzsite has opinions on this too! Probably more than anyone.

    Do you own property here John? Do you like the “rent” you’re paying?

    Plausible Deniability Dan Field will Destroy You!

    Wake up people, your BS Leaders have sold you out. La Paz County is now the New Quartzsite, Please Wake

  9. David Page Sr.

    He thinks he’s above the law.

  10. How many more poor, innocent, animals are going to die under his watch? Take responsibility Dan, this little dog, that was severely injured was left to die a horrible death. All alone he lay in that kennel, bleeding and in pain, no one to help it or the very least uthenise it in a humane way, I hope you feel guilt, because you are guilty.

    Rhonda Welch????

  11. Rhonda,

    Dan Field does not feel anything. He sold his soul to the Devil a long time ago!

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