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When the economy crashed in 2008, it seemed like the term “prepper” suddenly appeared everywhere. It generally wasn’t a term of endearment, with the media often portraying “preppers” as tin foil hat wearing loonies, yet didn’t sales of ammo and other preparation-related goods increase during the depths of the recent economic crash? Apparently many people decided it was time to prepare for some sort of potential societal break-down.

Now, with the current shakiness in the stock market and non-stop talk about problems in China, it seems like the “prepper” mentality is starting up again.

People may start spending all sorts of money taking precautions against catastrophes that will never happen. Often, their built-up supplies go to waste or are given away years later. Remember Y2K??

I wonder if the “preppers” take steps to prepare for one event that is completely inevitable and for which we all know will happen one day, no matter what: the moment our time on this earth comes to an end.

Have “preppers,” who have taken all sorts of precautions, taken the most basic step to protect themselves and their families … have they created their basic estate plan?

When a family member passes away, real world chaos and often deep sadness unfold, leaving family members feeling very overwhelmed.

With a basic estate plan and by implementing probate-avoidance strategies, the post-death transition can be made dramatically different.

Rather than family members and loved ones being put through an often expensive, time-consuming and stressful probate process, a basic estate plan may provide for a smooth transition where one’s assets pass to the intended recipient very quickly, sometimes allowing families to avoid having to go to court altogether.

As a lawyer here in Parker that handles probate cases, I’ve represented a number of clients who experienced a great deal of stress administering their loved one’s estate through the court’s probate process and had to spend thousands of dollars to do so – and the frustrating part is that, had their loved one had a working basic estate plan, they likely could have completely avoided court altogether.

Do you consider yourself a “prepper”? If so, do you have a basic estate plan in place?

Or are you not a “prepper,” but instead, find yourself wanting to learn more about basic estate planning? Would you like to get your basic plan in place for an affordable price and in just one office visit because you’re busy and don’t have time to meet with an attorney 2-3 times?

Or maybe you know you want to get your basic estate plan in place but don’t know where to start and are concerned about the cost. There are DIY options on-line, but what good are forms that you’ve never read and don’t understand or that aren’t set up properly because the DIY option isn’t as easy as it seems?

Having the guidance of a lawyer in making the critical decisions that arise in creating a basic estate plan can sometimes be the difference between having an effective estate plan versus having estate planning documents that, in point of fact, aren’t properly signed, meaning they are not valid.

CLICK HERE to hear one mother’s story about how she used an online service for a basic estate plan but as it turned out, she had not filled the papers out correctly and certain documents weren’t in place. This mother was simply trying to save money and protect her family, but sadly, discovered that the DIY option has its challenges and serious drawbacks and that it had actually cost her more in the long run.

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PLUS, this month, the first 20 people to purchase a Basic Estate Planning Protection Package & Avoid Probate Strategy Session will receive a $50 discount.

Don’t settle for the “Do Nothing” estate plan. Engage in worthwhile “prepping.” Protect yourself and your family (and save money) with Arizona Lawyer Julie LaBenz’s Basic Estate Planning Protection Package.

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Arizona Lawyer Julie LaBenz, partner at the Law Office of Churchill & LaBenz in Parker, Arizona, assists her clients with a variety of matters including divorce, child custody, probate, estate planning, criminal defense (DUI, OUI & more), evictions, as well as other types of cases. Visit or for more information or call her office at 928-669-6195 to schedule an appointment.

Also, to learn about Julie’s “Case Closed DIY Divorce & Child Custody Case System,” a new option for parents facing an Arizona divorce or custody case, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to take part in a free video series where Julie explains how to calculate child support & how to create a parenting plan.

Disclaimer: 1) This article and the related links contain legal information only and are not legal advice; 2) By reading this article Julie LaBenz does not become your attorney; 3) Julie LaBenz is licensed to practice law in the state of Arizona in the jurisdictions in which she is admitted to practice.


  1. Parker Live Updates

    It’s just an analogy, about having a plan for end of life. Apparently you don’t agree with the need for that? And we’ve always had paid articles, going back many years.

  2. Way to suck me in with the doom porn, Julie.

    It worked!

    BTW the next crash coming will make 2008 look like a day at the beach. Julie is right to get your affairs in order. And she’s always been a good attorney for me!

  3. Your poorly researched article misses the fact that preppers (no need for quotation marks) actually do prep for the things that are likely to happen. To name a few, we prepare for the possibility of job losses, power outages, and natural disasters like the fires sweeping California or the storms due to hit the Florida coast. What could have been a positive article emphasizing the need to be prepared for all of life’s downturns was instead a mocking piece that makes me certain of one thing: I’d never use a planning service from a company that ridicules the idea of general preparedness, but wants to sell me something to help me prepare for a personal crisis.

    If this is a paid post, I’d ask for my money back.

  4. Daisy- Where does this piece mock preppers?

  5. Daisy,
    That’s a sweet website you have there. Keep up the good work and hopefully you’ll come around here more often. Some people could learn a few things from you, like how to disseminate information we can all use!

  6. I’m a PREPPER…he’s a PREPPER…she’s a PREPPER…we’re a PREPPER…wouldn’t you like to be a PREPPER too???? Thanks Julie. Very informative. 🙂

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