Viewfinder: Marines Touch Down

Via Kandi Scott

A Marine Bell AH-1W Cobra helicopter touches down with mechanical trouble near Stroke’s Steak House north of Parker, AZ, lunchtime Friday. Fixes currently on the way.

The unit is with the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469, a squadron based at Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, California.

Marine and army aircraft routinely use the desert airspace above the Parker Strip and surrounding area in training exercises.



  1. Lilice Greenlee

    They are in good hands in our town…WE LOVE THE MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM!

  2. Don’t be fooled people!

    Tell them the truth John!!!

    This is the first wave of Marines being sent in to dispose of our out of control Kounty government.

    We The People tried to wake up our fellow Amerikans and fortunately it’s come to this.

    This NOT a test. Code Three Code Three

    I’ll meet you 300 real Americans left in La Paz County at Two Trees, just before the crossing at dark thirty. Bring beer!

  3. Cynn Strickland Proverbs Thirtyone

    That’s awesome. I’m sure they loved it. They will be back. Marines love that.

  4. Jane Boyles

    At least it was a safe touchdown.

  5. Strokes streakhouse

    Cynn yes strokes took them lots of ice drinks and lunch they were very grateful nice and young. Amazing these young guys fly these things ????

  6. Strokes streakhouse

    Also they all just left another helicopter and mechanic’s came in and fixed them up.

  7. Strokes streakhouse

    Hey john
    How do I put a picture with my name ?

  8. Strokes streakhouse

    Think I got it

  9. Support the troops
    Bring them home!

    Going to delete me this time, John, #signjohnny?

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