Heavy rains to soak the desert southwest Monday

UPDATE Tue 8:30am: Parker, AZ received just 0.11 inches between yesterday and this morning, with most of the weather pushing off to the east causing widespread flooding and road closures. Outlying areas of La Paz County to the east most likely got more, but without weather stations couldn’t be measured. A 40-60 percent chance to rain continues today.


Parker is right in the path of a large weather system set to move into the region Monday and Tuesday, with “significant if not excessive” amounts of tropical moisture being forecast by the National Weather Service.

With any big weather system comes flash flood warnings, and this storm is no exception with rainfall forecast to increase throughout the day Monday in southeast California and southwest Arizona. “Early storm total rainfall estimates through Tuesday morning range from nearly 2 inches in southwest Arizona to between 2 and 3 inches from Phoenix north and east,” according to the NWS. “Thunderstorms could also add to the rain potential.”

As always, the standard advice applies: stay out of running washes over roadways, and take care while traveling. “Residents and motorists living on traveling in flood prone areas, or in areas prone to water ponding, should concern themselves with this flood potential.”

Weather can be easily monitored here on Parker Live, and emergency alerts will be broadcast automatically on KLPZ 1380am if necessary.

Higher than normal rain this fall and winter has been predicted by climatologists due to the El Niño that has been building since 2014, with some experts predicting a repeat of the 1997 phenomenon of heavy rains and flooding.


  1. Maggie Alcaida Lee

    Hope the washes don’t turn deadly. So cal is also expecting. Maybe it’ll put out all the fires.

  2. Norma Ray

    I hope so. We need it big time!

  3. Leo Scott

    I hope so, I’m tired of just getting high winds and dust storms. Send us the rain Lord…

  4. Kelli Scott

    Tuesday looks like a good chance too. !! Woohoooo can’t wait ! Hope it’s chilly Kelly Davis

  5. Glen Verdine

    Be careful you all are gonna get hit very hard watch the washes,God watch over my family in CRIT an the town of parker keep them safe in just name…amen

  6. Jon Gordon Vreeland

    Im going to try to beat the devil tomorrow and get my stuff done before it hits.

  7. John R Montgomery

    Heads up to all my family in Parker,it could be a big one

  8. Marie Ackerman

    Lilly Campagne get home girl!!

  9. Anne Koop

    Looking dangerous in our Winturing area.

  10. Melanie Denise Howell

    good luck with that. I live in phoenix and it is going to be 86 on tusday

  11. Carol Esparza-Moorman

    Nicole Moorman Rovey, watch out, stay safe!!!

  12. Kelli Scott

    86 sounds absolutely wonderful. !!!!!!!!! Better than 110!!

  13. Eric Lomax

    I am out here in San Bernardino and I guess I will see how it goes tomorrow and Tuesday. I did live out there in Big River and spent some time in Parker too, even if I had to work in Havasu. I do my brother Lee Lomax in Bouse, so I wonder they get any flash flooding but I could see that area get water pounding up around there easily.

  14. Laurie Wise

    To Eric Lomax…..I live near 42E and generally don’t get washed out (after Milepost 29, 72 is going “uphill”). Being Too close to the KOFAs and updrafts, keeps our area from being washed out…..just make sure all your roofs are rainproofed). However Bouse, itself, usually gets more rain because it is centrally located in this valley. There are two washes going West on 72 (from me) into Bouse that will “run” if the storms are hard enough. Beyond Bouse, going towards Parker, there are three more washes that will run as well.

  15. Laurie Wise

    However, it is “always” a “wait and see” if any actual storms hit around here. Usually Quartzsite gets it first and the storms go around us.

  16. Thank you Lord Jesus! We desperately need Your rain 🙂

  17. Donna Engle

    Oh wow!! Hope the burros will be okay!

  18. I vote we let school out for a rain day. lol

  19. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    1pm monday no rain yet in parker or big river. looks and feels like storm.. but?? not here yet.

  20. Terry Foss

    Man, you guys are going to get hammered! Wish we would get that rain here in Sin City!!!!????????????????

  21. Pfffft,
    It was nothing!
    Hype at its best!!!

    Don’t worry folks,
    your County government hás
    everything under control!

    Vote the establishment
    You can’t to wrong
    Doing the same thing
    Expecting different results

    Works every time?

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