AWC to search for a new president

UPDATE: A preliminary information session and community feedback forum on the presidential search will be held Monday, September 28th from 2-3pm at the AWC Parker Learning Center, 1109 S Geronimo Avenue, Parker, AZ. “Community members are encouraged to attend and be a part of the discussion. Yuma representatives will be on-hand to discuss the process and answer any questions.”


Arizona Western College has launched a search for its next president.

Dr. Glenn E. Mayle, who is beginning his sixth year as president of the community college serving La Paz and Yuma Counties, has announced his retirement effective June 2016.

A ten-member search committee has been named, which will be responsible for leading the quest for a new chief executive at the college. The process will commence with open forums for the college community to help create a ‘presidential profile’.

AWC Governing Board President Dennis Booth will share leadership of the committee with fellow board member Olivia Zepeda. In a campus-wide email last Thursday, Booth said the board wants an “equitable, participatory, inclusive and fair search that will attract a strong pool of presidential candidates,” and announced that the board has retained the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) to assist in the search.

The search committee will include Katheline Ocampo, Associate Dean for La Paz County Services at AWC, and Jim Lotts, Superintendent of the Parker Unified School District.

AWC Governing Board member Melissa Wright, who represents La Paz County along with Richard Lamb on the five-member board, said she is thankful to have had Mayle as college president for several years.

“I’m grateful for all president Mayle’s years of service and his commitment to the college,” she said. “I wish him well on his much deserved retirement. I’m excited about our search for a new president and look forward to what the future holds for Arizona Western College.”

For more information about the search, a designated page on the college website includes information and allows feedback HERE.


  1. A College education is way over blown. As long as you don’t go into debt for a piece of paper, you might be ok.

    And how much in taxes do the people of La Paz pay for this Institute of Supposed Higher Education?

  2. John,
    Can you please ask your wife how much the residents pay each year for this College, based out of Yuma? Also, how much does Mr. Professional with a fancy tie make each year? Your answers are greatly appreciated, thank you############!

  3. Thanks for the update John, does this mean no questions will be answered here?

  4. Well you can ask her yourself for any other details, but according to the most recent previous article on Parker Live about AWC, the cost to property taxpayers is $216-per-$100,000 of assessed value per year.

  5. Wow,
    My butt hurts already! I’m almost afraid to ask anymore questions!

    Can I ask her questions here without a day of my time and a half tank of gas, plus the additional reaming that’s coming with hopefully honest answers? This internet thingy can save us all time and money.

    Curious John, and I’ve asked you this before, do you own property in La Paz County?

    And is your wife’s position a paid one, and if so, how much does it pay? Along with Mr. Fancy Pants you’re wanting to replace?

  6. Hmm, I’m probably not going to get into the merits of the (pretty well-established and not hugely controversial) community college system. Yes, I pay property taxes in La Paz County. No, my wife does not get paid for her time and effort serving on the college governing board (she just cares about education and her community). I’m going to have to leave it there, lest I be sucked further into the Roth Vortex. (I know, I know, it’s just because I want to cover up corruption at a global scale, etc)

  7. Roth Vortex, is that like your conspiracy crap?

    Fail because taxing us at that level is insane, and I’m sure most of that stolen taxpayer money stays in YUMA County, but we expect non thinking/questioning/ ad hominem around here.

    Do you ever question the merits of the La Paz County Community College System. Apparently not by your smirky remarks! But hey, you’re the expert, so excuse me for asking questions, all knowing one!

    And why no answer on how much mister big shot from Yuma makes? Simple question isn’t it? Why so difficult? And

  8. Roth I have no idea how much he makes. I have no special stake or interest in community college beyond the average guy. Go foist your loaded ‘questions’ on someone else!

  9. Yes John, we all know how you hate questions, they might lead to answers, can’t have that around here!

    I remember well how you couldn’t/wouldn’t ask questions during the Yakima debacle, that resulted in a 20 million dollar hit to this county. I bet this community college out of Yuma has cost this much already, maybe more!

    Not questioning is not thinking!

    You never disappoint……

    I expected more from your wife though. After all she was elected wasn’t she?

  10. Well well well. Just back into town for Quanza. Hey Roth the one provision that La Paz county had to cede to Yuma county was that AWC would keep the same tax rate and be able to control it far into the La Paz county future. Yup. Single largest county tax expence. See the great ones that negociated the county split (upriver snobs er millionaires) conceded was AWC tax. BRILLIANT!! (I think John might appreciate that one” Let’s have a pint. BRILLIANT!


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