Agencies respond to vehicle hanging off embankment

UPDATE 2:54pm: Sheriff’s Department says: “Upon arrival, the first responders and citizens assisted the driver out of her vehicle to a safe location to await medical assistance. The vehicle somehow lost power and control on the Lakeside Blvd hill and the driver crashed through a small retaining wall. Fortunately for the driver and the residence below on Cove Avenue, the vehicle remained on the ledge without falling. The vehicle was able to be safely removed and driver, although distraught, appeared to be in good health.”

ORIGINAL: Sheriff and fire agencies responded to a vehicle hanging off an embankment north of Parker on Wednesday afternoon. It is unknown what caused the accident, which involved a silver colored Ford Taurus. Both rear wheels of the vehicle were aloft with the front of the car on the edge of the embankment, the entire vehicle having gone off the roadway completely near Lakeside 2. The occupants of the vehicle appeared to be out by the time Parker Live got these photographs.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and Buckskin Fire Department were among the responding agencies.





Via La Paz County Sheriff’s Office:




  1. Greg Parker

    Glad to know driver is safe…wow.

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