To The Editor: Can anyone help?

“I’ve known this lady a lot of years. Since her house fire I’ve been going over to her property and cleaning up and trying to save what I can from the debris. She just got here from Texas and is putting out a fortune on motel rooms to try and help me with the cleanup. She went to the County to see if I can stay on one side of her property to do cleanup and keep the place safe. The County says that no-one can live there due to the hazards. She’ll have to leave within the week due to all the expense of the motel costs and eating out. Is there any way anyone could help her after her loss of 50 years of memories?”


I assume this email refers to Marti Stone Gibson, 71, who lives most of the time in Alamo, TX and lost her Parker house to a fire on August 27th, 2015 after decades of part-timing here on the river.

If so, she seems like a lovely lady and I’m sure someone in the Parker area would be willing to help. For more information on Marti’s story, CLICK HERE. To help out or ask what you can do, send a message to Susan at the link HERE and we’ll forward it on.



  1. The first thing anyone can do in this situation is to help yourself by NOT going to the County and asking for permission to stay on your own property. Just do it anyway.

    We do not live and work for them, contrary to what they would have you think.

  2. Marti Stone Gibson

    Hi Ya’ll,

    What sweethearts…. hard working Susan & you, John, at the station. Please know that I truly appreciate everyone’s concern. It’s been a bit hectic since arriving, between taking care of legal details & arranging for dumpster, etc. Playing phone tag with friend in Calif, who offered vacation place, finally connected & I moved from motel, in town, into a spot within walking distance of mine.

    A couple of other dear friends offered their guest rooms, prior to my leaving home, but between their sleep/work schedules or having hands full themselves, I thought best would be to try staying in close proximity. Fortunately, it all fell into place today!

    Many thanks for your thoughtfulness, Susan, & John, for posting about my situation. It’s truly comforting, knowing so many care & express their heartfelt concern. I am truly appreciative!

    As things calm down some, I’ll come in for a personal visit. There are several whom I intend to thank personally.


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