Parker Livecast #30: Keith Moses, CRIT Fair/Expo and NatiVisions Film Festival


Keith Moses joins us on the 30th edition of the Parker Livecast to chat about this weekend’s 43rd Annual CRIT Fair and Expo, last weekend’s successful NatiVisions Film Festival and the premiere screening of CRIT’s film, ‘The Marking of a Milestone’.

We hear about a few of the many plans for this weekend’s activities (which are already in progress as this posts), and chat about why the film we made was more emotional for people than they were expecting.

Film Festival-1 2
Keith Moses (left) with Joaquin Vences and John Wright (center left and right) and BlueWater Cinemas head Clark Daniels (right).


Keith is the Vice-Chairman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Executive Council, the Chairman of this year’s CRIT Fair, and the Director of the NatiVisions Film Festival each year.

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  1. 150 years of living under occupation! Did you talk about that in your film?

    Youtube or it didn’t happen!!!

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