Hospital gets new Chief Financial Officer


Carl Flanagan has joined the La Paz Regional Hospital team as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The position directs La Paz Regional’s financial planning and accounting practices and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer. Flanagan will oversee the patient accounting and billing, budgeting and the hospital external financial reporting.

“La Paz has enormous growth potential. We looked for a seasoned financial officer to assist us as we move forward. Carl had the experience we sought,” said Norm Simpson, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Most recently, Flanagan comes to Parker from John Day, Oregon where he was CFO of Blue Mountain Hospital District, a Critical Access Hospital with many similarities to La Paz. He has fifteen years experience as Chief Financial Officer with hospitals in Texas, Utah, Ohio and Arizona. He has been managing and overseeing all financial activities and operations areas of small and/or Critical Access Hospitals.

According to a press release by La Paz Regional, Flanagan’s accounting experience covers over thirty years in various healthcare settings and five additional years in banking and other settings. The financial reporting experience has led to rate negotiations, cost reporting, financial modeling, team building, revenue cycle improvement, contracting with managed care and third party payers.

La Paz Regional Hospital is a not-for-profit Critical Access Hospital servicing La Paz County and surrounding areas. LPRH has a network of inpatient and outpatient services, clinics, imaging centers and affiliations as a regional provider of health and wellness services.


  1. “La Paz has enormous growth potential”, and always will have as long as establishment hacks like Norm Simpson are around. He’s also a Quartzsite Clown Council member who has no qualms about raising taxes and growing government. Does anything good ever come from Bouse? (Other than some neat rock hounding areas?)

    Not saying this new guy is a bad guy but if Norm picked him I’d have questions for sure.

    Norm Simpson, Ed Foster, what’s the difference? Norm came from California, Ed from Chicago. Looks like a marriage made in hell!

  2. Hiring another C.F.O. will not advance Health Care in La Paz county unless he is given authority to report publicly on the waste and fraud occurring at La Paz Regional and the fraudulent conduct the Hospital Board and CEO engages in. These people are criminals and are driving out the few good doctors that serve this community. The hospital does not support our local doctors and instead recruits “outsiders” that only take patients and money away from the community. CEO Vickie Clark and the current board of directors are clueless as to properly running a hospital and the community will realize this when the hospital goes bankrupt in the immediate future (as happened in the past) and the town of Parker will ask itself “WHAT HAPPENED”?! to our hospital and where will I get care?

  3. I was told the CEO was a guy who rode his Harley to work and recently resigned.

    Who is Vickie Clark? Don’t see her name anywhere on their website!

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